Poultry Farm Application

Application number 12/01847/OUT


Update 7th December 2017

Great news. It’s a ‘NO’ to the Poultry Farm & Slaughterhouse outline planning application to the South of Cardea.

Huntingdonshire District Council has decided to refuse the outline application for two substantial reasons.

Our huge thanks go to everyone that helped oppose this by way of collecting signatures on written and on-line petitions and for sending in your own personal objections to what would have been a totally unsuitable process to be sited so close to our homes and schools.

We need though to remember that the applicant does have the right to appeal the decision within the next 6 months. Be assured that we stand ready to fight again should this happen.

Reason 1. The application site lies within a ‘high probability’ Flood Zone (Flood Zone 3 of the Environment Agency Flood Zone Map and Flood Zone 3 of the Council’s Updated 2017 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment) and therefore the applicant is required to undertake a Sequential Test to determine if there are reasonably available alternative sites at a lower probability of flooding within the geographical area proposed to be served by the development. The applicant has not submitted evidence of a Sequential Test and has therefore failed to demonstrate there are no other reasonably available sites at a lower probability of flooding for this development.

Reason 2. Residential development in the countryside is strictly limited to that which has an essential need to be located there for reasons of protecting the intrinsic character and appearance of the countryside, and promoting sustainable patterns of development. The proposed dwellinghouse would be of a permanent construction and does not meet the policy test of supporting an existing well-established and viable agricultural enterprise. As such it would not meet an essential need and would conflict with the objectives of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Update 5th December 2017

HDC Planning Office have today confirmed they have recommended refusal of the planning application for a Poultry Farm & Slaughterhouse to the South of Cardea.

However, whilst this is very positive news I must stress at this time, that the final decision has yet to be made.

HDC work differently to PCC in that even when the decision is made they don’t send out the decision to objectors or ward councillors? This is a very strange process but rest assured, I have a contact who will let me know when the decision is made and the reasons why?

Update 8th October 2017

Here’s the latest received from the Senior Development Management Officer at HDC yesterday.

“Since our last email exchange I have made good progress with writing a report on this application and will soon submit the report to a manager for consideration. Once a manager has considered the report and is satisfied that a decision can be taken (either by the committee or officers as applicable in accordance with the scheme of delegation), I will indicate a likely timescale for a decision.

“I have made the parish council aware of the current situation”.

I have requested to address the planning committee if and when this comes before them.

Update 20th July 2017 –  

Latest from HDC.

Dear Cllr

Thank you for your email. My team are currently reviewing the 4000 + letters of objection. Unfortunately this is not a quick task. It is therefore unlikely that a decision will be made before September. We will be discussing an extension of time to the application with the applicant.

Andrew Cundy
Development Management Team Leader

I am pushing to ensure the HDC planning committee make the decision on this application and not a government inspector should the planning dept run out of time and the applicant appeal. What we don’t want is an unelected and unaccountable government official deciding this application.

Update 1st May – The on-line petition has now closed with 1124 Signatures and over 500 on-line objections. The petition has been forwarded to HDC. Don’t forget though that you have until midnight tomorrow (2nd May)  to get those objections in to HDC using the link below. Thank you for all your support.

Update 27th April – Don’t forget you have until midnight on the 2nd May to get those objections in to HDC using the link below. Currently the on line petition has 1080 names and the HDC objections are are 533!

Update 24th April – By tomorrow our army of helpers will have delivered 2000 leaflets throughout Cardea, Park Farm and Stanground. There are currently 1000 names on the on-line petition and over 280 Objections logged on HDC website.

Update 19th April – Paper Petitions are now available in Fishtastic and Morrisons in Cardea.

Update 18th April – One troll’s post removed from the on-line petition – Sad.

Original Post

Peterborough City Council has just been notified about a revised planning application being received  by the neighbouring authority of Huntingdonshire District Council. However, we as residents of Cardea, Park Farm & Stanground were not considered as necessary contributors in the consultation process run by HDC.  We have put this right.

I am extremely concerned that the proposed site for this poultry farm and slaughter house is in very close proximity to residential properties in Cardea and Farcet (one property is just just 50 metres away) and not much further from Park Farm and Stanground.

I have serious fears about the likely impact of the facility on residents amenity in terms of odour, pollution, the fact the area is a flood plain and that this is something that will likely cause more congestion at what is already a nightmare of a junction of Whittlesey Road and Ramsey Road towards Pondersbridge should HGV drivers find Farcet Village and Yaxley too difficult a route to the A1.

The original closing date for comments was 21st April. However, I have managed to secure an extension for the receipt of comments to Tuesday 2nd May 2017.

Use this link to view the proposal and make your comments now.


You can also sign the online petition using this link


Or you can now sign the paper petitions available in Fishtastic and Morrisons in Cardea.