Pledges & Results

Our 2016 PledgesPledges 2016

You asked for and I promised to do my utmost to deliver these during my 2011 – 2015 campaign trail so here’s the latest position.

  • A 20mph speed limit around the area of Heritage Park School – The biggest single request received during my campaign. I secured funding and the traffic order from PCC and together we decided to involve the children of Heritage Park Primary School by way of a competition, the four winners having their design put on the signs encouraging drivers to slow down. The signs have been erected and the traffic order is now in force. Many thanks to the PCC officers, Cabinet Member for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Planning – Peter Hiller, Heritage Park Primary School teachers, children and governors and the many local parents for your huge support with this pledge. Read more
  • Traffic calming and LGV restrictions along Whittlesey Road –  I am pleased to be able to report that the consultation period has ended and I can now confirm that the 7.5 tonne weight restriction along Whittlesey Road from the junction with the new bypass along to the fire station and came into effect on the 23rd day of April 2012. Read more
  • A permanent speed camera or speed restriction on Coneygree Road – I successfully lobbied the neighbourhood committee for the £15K funds required to install traffic calming at the junction of Coneygree Road and Ellwood Avenue. After a successful consultation period the speed cushions were installed in December 2012. Further traffic calming on Coneygree Road as a result of the new verge work commencing in the near future should help to slow down those ignorant drivers who speed towards our ward. Read more
  • Action regarding parking and mud on the verge near the post box on Park Farm Way – You said you wanted something doing about this and I’m pleased to have made it happen by funding the installation of two bollards and a footpath to allow access direct from vehicles to the postbox therefore negating the need to pull onto the verge. 
  • Support Youth Projects – Park Farm Pumas and the Southern Youth Forum are superb ambassadors for all what’s good in our ward and I’ve been very honoured to be able to support them both in my position of councillor and also via the provision of funding. Read more Southfields Community Centre is well used by local residents and children and needed help with long overdue redecoration and the provision of IT equipment for the playgroup, so I was happy to help fund this for them. Read more. 2013 and Park Farm Pumas are successful with their application for help in the purchase of floodlighting for their youth teams. Read more
  • Investment in the Recreational Areas in Park Farm and Stanground – Investment to the value of £17.9K has been secured for the Park Farm Play Park and along with a contribution from the CLF fund will include new play equipment, the resurfacing of one of the footpaths and additional bench seating. The new equipment was opened on the 28th September 2012. The additional benches are now in place. Read more
  • Support for Our Local Schools & Community Centres – Our schools and community centres are the hubs of our community so I have and will continue to support them as a governor and committee member with my time and by way of  funding. Read more

Other areas receiving my support and action

  • Objection to Burger King Restaurant Application – A large group of residents in the ward approached me as their councillor to help them fight an application to put a Burger King Takeaway in the Horsey Way Service Station.

Locating a takeaway in a residential area is just totally wrong. Stanground has fought long and hard for a bypass and the introduction of the 7.5 tonne weight limit and allowing this to go ahead would have encouraged more cars and lorries back into Stanground. The junction between Whittlesey Road & Coneygree Road is a busy one and we’ve all experienced the stacking back of traffic over the lights when someone is trying to access the forecourt and parking will of course over-spill onto the local roads during peak times.

Also, there can be no logical or ethical reason for allowing this on a walk to and from school route when the we are all well aware of the increasing numbers of children being diagnosed as clinically obese. Other authority’s are now setting rules to prohibit the siting of a fast food establishment anywhere near a school or playground and I am calling on PCC to now adopt the same planning policy.

Odours, late night noise, ASB, litter and the vermin it will attract, are all serious and valid concerns expressed by local residents and many who care about Stanground, our children and Peterborough stood by me to fight this. We must never allow planning to be decided with a policy of ‘jobs at any cost’. What next? Magna Park because it too promises thousands of jobs?

  • St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool – Residents from our ward can and do use this vital facility and after visiting and listening to the ‘experts’ in the field and talking to those patients receiving treatment, I was happy to be able to help fund it this year.
  • Application for Gating Order Scott Close/Coneygree Road – Having seen over 10 years evidence of the intolerable amount of ASB suffered by those residents living near to this passageway I felt it was right to support them with their call for its closure. Consultation ended at the end of July and the gating order was approved in November.
  • Adult Day Care Centre – Residents from our ward regularly use this brilliant facility. I really enjoyed being able to visit and talk to both users and their carers.
  • Children in Care – I’m committed to helping our children in care with my support and funding.
  • Overgrown Bushes – Many of you complained about the amount of overgrown shrubbery throughout the ward and our neighbourhood enforcement officer has visited all those properties identified during our neighbourhood ward walkabout. All of them have now been cut back and I have expressed my thanks to him on your behalf at a public meeting for a job well done. If you have bushes etc that border onto the public footpath please consider whether a double buggy or wheelchair can safely pass by and if not give them a quick trim. Thank you.