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As your ward councillors, Ray, Brian & I meet with representatives of Persimmon Homes and PCC Planning & Highways Officers  on a quarterly basis in order that we may discuss the issues you have told us about relating to the new building areas in Cardea and along Peterborough Road.

Please note individual issues regarding your personal property will not be shown here and will be directed directly to Persimmons for resolution.

Please don’t wait for our meetings to report issues, rather contact Persimmon as soon as you become aware of them and let us know so we can check they have been resolved.

If you’d like to bring any issue to our attention, please message me on Facebook or email me at

Photographs are very useful and in order to reproduce them on this website, social media or for use when we meet with Persimmon I will need your permission to do so therefore please indicate your permission for use is granted in your  message or email.

June 2020 – Cardea Liaison Meeting 

Ray, Brian and I attended a virtual zoom meeting last week with representatives of Persimmon and PCC planning and highways officers and put the issues you reported to them.

Here’s the questions and the responses received.

1. Opening of the bus lane, footpath to crossing Park Farm side & ANPR

The footpath through to the pelican crossing on Whittlesey Road is due for completion by the end of this year. As the entrance from the Park Farm roundabout is the only route for construction traffic to enter and leave the site, the bus lane will not be completed and open until the major construction traffic use has ceased.

2. Double Yellows throughout the bus lane length

This is the plan and will happen once the bus lane opens

3. Allotments

These are due to be inspected again later this year for further settlement and if they are OK the allotments will be available from early 2021 with Persimmons remaining responsible for the care until 2024.

4. Street Lighting update on those surveyed and reported by Chris back in January.

Should all have been done although advised by they haven’t. New survey requested.

5. Sunken Block Paved Roads such as in Libertas Drive

These will all be completed as part of the adoption process – See 6 below.

6. Time frame for adoption of the West side of the development

The bypass from Whittlesey Road to the Cardea entrance roundabout must be adopted first and is scheduled to happen at the end of August this year once satisfactory CCTV proof of clean drains and gully’s is received by PCC. This will then enable the initial section of Cardea between the A605 bypass roundabout and the Applecart roundabout to be adopted and for the west side of Cardea to then progress to adoption on a street by street basis.

Persimmon have a target to complete adoption of the west side of the development by the end of March 2021.

Survey work by contractors and the council is currently underway to confirm what work is required to ensure the drains and sewers are jetted and CCTV evidence provided and that roads, footpaths, street lighting and green spaces are to the required standard ready for adoption by PCC.

7. Is the new junction between Jupiter and Libertas now considered safe by Highways?

Work continues to widen the visibility splays at this junction and once completed and the new road markings are laid will be to the standard required and considered safe by PCC highways.

8. Gap between Persimmon fencing and Oakdale. Who maintains?

The owners of the properties on Oakdale Avenue and Barham Close on the East side of Cardea have been advised that any land behind the boundary fence installed by Persimmons is theirs.

9. Road markings re priority and faded markings

These will be reinstated as part of the adoption process. See 6 above.

10. Road and gutter sweeping

These will be brought up to standard as part of the adoption process. See 6 above.

11. Ponds

The ponds will be reassessed and a ROSPA survey performed regarding their safety. It is not now the intention to fill them in despite what has been said at previous meetings by others. PCC are aware of this and will seek to ensure these are to a safe standard on adoption.

12. Central path

This should already have happened, and apologies were conveyed by Persimmons. It will be brought up to standard as part of the adoption process. See 6 above.

13. Hogging type pathway surfaces

According to Persimmon, these have always been part of the accepted plan and there is no intention to tarmac them. Councillors have advised we are not happy with this and PCC should consider requesting the surface is improved as part of the adoption process.

14. Green Areas & Bins

These will be brought up to standard as part of the adoption process. See 6 above.

15. Repair of knee high fencing – particularly dangerous situation reported on Saturn Drive

These are currently being checked by the landscaping contractor and will be brought up to standard as part of the adoption process. See 6 above.

16. Trees and bushes damaged

Any trees damaged will in the short term be removed. Should the PCC tree officer require them to be replaced then this will be done as part of the adoption process.

17. Kerbs on Apollo Avenue bend not yet raised as promised

These will be brought up to standard as part of the adoption process. See 6 above.

18. Kerbs on Ballona Drive

These will be brought up to standard as part of the adoption process for the East side of the development.

19. Damping down of dust

The building management agreement with PCC has been checked by PCC. Vehicle washing and damping down processes are considered satisfactory although attention will be given during hot dry spells.

20. New park area play equipment

The area will be inspected, and the play equipment installed asap.

21. Pile Driving

This is scheduled to be completed this week.

22. What will be done to the triangular piece of land at the bottom of Barham Close and running adjacent to Whittlesey Road?

This will be cleared of any hogweed and planted out accordingly with shrubs/trees as necessary and maintained by Persimmon until such time the East side of the development is complete.

23. Who is maintaining the area of land directly to the West of the pavilion as it is in need of some maintenance?

According to Persimmons, this area was handed over to PCC as part of the pavilion site. Planning officers are to investigate.


31st January – Cardea Street Light Survey

More than 30 lights were found not working during tonight’s street light survey in Cardea. These will be reported to Persimmon on Monday. Know of any more, then please let me have the road, column number or the house number it is outside of, or opposite?

Park Farm, Oakdale and the part of Fletton in our ward has already been done but if you notice any out or on during the daytime in the ward, please let me know.

No photo description available.

28th December – More issues with bins

An additional litter bin I doubt was ever on the list, has been reported as not being emptied since October in Libertas Drive. I’ve brought this to Persimmons attention. Hopefully we’ll see this one added to the new contractors list and regularly emptied from now on.

24th December – Abandoned Tent Removed

Regrettably, we’ve had to ask our PCC enforcement team to become involved and remind Persimmon of their legal responsibilities regarding litter and request they clear the abandoned tent and associated rubbish near the bus stop in Cardea. I noticed this morning that the area has now been cleared.

Our enforcement officers are currently checking that the mess behind the bushes alongside the bypass is abandoned. If it is, they will ask Persimmon to clear it quickly otherwise PCC will clear it and charge the costs to Persimmon.

13th December 2019 – More Issues with bins

The bin near the bus-stop was again reported overflowing so we requested urgent attention and and noted the bin was emptied soon after.

10th December 2019 – Landscaper Causing Grass Damage  

The new landscape contractor has caused some deep ruts in the grass areas and this has been reported.

5th December 2019 – Surface Water – Antonia Grove

Following up concerns about the surface water collecting on the undeveloped land to the North of Antonia Grove I have had this response from Persimmons Engineer and advice on the proposed additional drainage swale planned when this area id developed as Phase 8 & 10.

Dear Cllr Harper

I have been to have a look at this area and it would seem that this is surface water run off from the adjacent land to Antonia Grove. There has been no drainage installed to this affected area yet however our proposal is to introduce a drainage swale along this area which will assist in catching this surface run off water.

For your information I attach a copy of the Phase 8 &10 plan which indicates this drainage feature which is submitted within the reserved matters planning application. Regards Engineering Manager

3rd November 2019 – Cardea Litter and Dog Poo Bins

I’ve finally got to the bottom of the problem of litter and dog poo bins not being emptied in Cardea.
Persimmon have advised they have a new contractor and there have been ‘some’ teething troubles. I’ve asked for urgent attention and a weekly schedule going forward which has been agreed.
Follows is the content of their letter.
“Further to your email, I have spoken with our contractor who has confirmed that he will be attending all bins today.
“Whilst undertaking this, they will also be marking out on a map all bins to ensure in the future that none are missed. From this point on, all general and dog waste bins will be emptied on a weekly basis.
“I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused on this, but as with any transition to a new contractor, there are always a few teething problems.
“Hopefully following today’s survey of the area, moving forward we should have no further issues”.
We’ll be keeping a close eye on them to ensure improvement happens and quickly.

25th November 2019 – Bus Lane Access Peterborough Road & Whittlesey Road 

We have been asked on several occasions as to why the access roads onto Peterborough Road and Whittlesey Road are not going to open to general traffic.
Since the initial outline planning permission was granted for the development on 17 August 2007, it was on condition that all motorised traffic excluding buses and emergency vehicles must enter and leave the development via the bypass.
Traffic surveys disclosed Peterborough Road and Whittlesey Road were already very busy traffic routes during peak periods and the recommendation from highways officers and agreed by the then planning committee at the outline stage, were that no additional motorised traffic should be permitted.
Condition 10 The bus links to Peterborough Road and Whittlesey Road, identified on approved plan shall be designed to incorporate use by cyclists and pedestrians, but to physically prevent use by motorised vehicles other than buses and emergency service vehicles.

19th November 2019 – Liaison Meeting  

Here’s the report of our latest meeting giving details of issues raised and where known, the Developer or PCC officer response.

Junction of Jupiter and Libertas Drive – Road remodel and surface not finishedRemodel is out to tender – expected to be completed within 6 months.

Blocked paved area sinking – Top of Libertas DriveSurvey and remedial work to be carried out.

Several knee high boundary fences are either rotten or have been broken down.  Persimmon have agreed to inspect all low level boundary fencing and repair/replace as required.

The drains are blocked outside No 84 Apollo Avenue with rubble. Survey and remedial work to be carried out.

Footpath yellow stone rough finish,  puddles forming and very muddy when wet. These pose a health & safety risk when walking – One lady has reported real difficulty using wheelchair and another when using crutches. Can these not be top dressed? Remedial work to be carried out with a view to top finishing with a permeable surface.

Bollards along Bellona Drive – Many are broken, cars and larger vehicles now parking on footpath. The concrete bollards are only a temporary deterrent to prevent construction lorries and overnight stops by HGV and are to be removed once the traffic regulation order which allows for enforcement of double yellow restrictions, comes into force.

Manholes are clanking when driven over outside No 83 Apollo Avenue. Remedial work to be carried out.

Shrubbery overgrowing and blocking footpaths – Need pruning back. Landscape survey will be carried out and remedial work as necessary.

Litter & Dog Poo Bins regularly overflowing – Need emptying more often. A review of the schedule will take place. Improvement was agreed clearly necessary.

Ponds – What’s the plan and are dates set? Why are the ponds being filled? The pond & culvert bank sides are considered too steep and  will need to be made much shallower. The plans have now been approved therefore Persimmon have been pushed to report back with a start date.

Street Lights Out

Bellona Drive outside the pavilion and on both sides of the road

Car Park end of Lares Avenue

Car Park 79-85 Jupiter Avenue

Lights near entrance to common land Flora Close

Outside No 30 Pandora Drive – apparently this one has never worked!

All these will be attended to.


Vehicles parking on verges and paths despite double yellow lines – Verges are becoming very muddy and mud is being deposited on footpaths and on the road. The kerb height on the bend was initially low to allow access for parking at the show house and was supposed to be lifted to the standard kerb height. This has been overlooked and will now be completed.

Can double yellow lines now be considered on main roads on the new side of Cardea. Parking on Bellona Drive is very bad in places particularly on the bends? The aim will be to double yellow the whole of Bellona Drive through to the Park Farm Roundabout.

Double Yellow Line Enforcement This can only take place once a TRO (traffic regulation order) is in place.  Persimmon have agreed to apply for this as a priority for the whole development area through from Peterborough Road to Whittlesey Road.

Entry into Cardea from Peterborough Road and ANPR cameras. Persimmons are waiting on a quote from PCC to complete the entrance and ANPR camera install. Urged to push this to happen asap. This is scheduled for completion in 2020.  

Peterborough Road Pedestrian Crossing. This is scheduled for completion in 2020.

Road Adoption Update  The section of the bypass from the Whittlesey Road to the Cardea roundabout is about to complete which will then allow the section between the bypass roundabout and the Apple Cart roundabout to move on to adoption. After this, the major spine roads and side roads can be considered for adoption, this provided they all reach the correct standards. Persimmon have confirmed they want adoption to take place asap but the council must ensure the highway meets council construction standard including drainage , utility routes, footpaths and street lighting.

What stage are we regarding the completion of the bus lane and footpath through to Park Farm? Parents are risking the shortcut which is dangerous. The planning conditions we lobbied for and were agreed are that once the last house is occupied in Phase 6 (as shown above), the footpath link to the pelican crossing on Whittlesey Road should be installed. This will require some careful thought so as to protect pedestrians from construction traffic during ongoing building works. It was noted that there are currently still several homes up for sale in Phase 6. Persimmon advised completion should be in 2020.

When will the children’s play park be completed on Kronos Close?  Play equipment install date to be advised.

Will the rest of the homes on Valentines Place have trees too? The landscaping is complete and no further trees are planned.

Highways suggestion from local resident

We have a 20 mph speed limit on Bellona Drive although you wouldn’t know if you saw the way drivers tear down the road. Can I suggest we have one of the illuminated signs that shows drivers what speed they’re actually doing, preferably one at each end the road? This would be for PCC to decide and would be subject to a speed survey and if necessary, what other restriction methods are available.

As previously advised , don’t delay reporting an issue to Persimmon and kindly please let us know too so as we can chase it if the problem is still outstanding at our next meeting.