Nursery Application

Demolition of the former Fenman Public House and erection of a new children’s nursery – Appeal Allowed. – 2nd January 2020

The Secretary of State Planning Inspector has allowed the appeal against refusal for the nursery application on the old Fenman public house site due to concerns regarding parking and traffic.

In essence, the inspector concluded that the reasons for refusal by the planning committee were not strong enough when there was a recognised need for nursery spaces in the area and that those concerns could be addressed by way of planning conditions.

The demolition of the old Fenman and construction of the nursery can therefore now proceed subject to the conditions set.

The need for nursery spaces was never considered a reason for refusal rather fears about the increase in traffic and parking were the real concerns of residents and these were put forward at the planning committee hearing.
The planning committee agreed and refused permission.
The right of appeal to the government inspector is a lawful and democratic part of the planning system and the result is final so we must accept that decision whilst ensuring the conditions set are adhered to.
Residents opposed to the development will I know be very disappointed at this decision whilst those wanting the nursery will be looking forward the extra provision promised.


Appeal Submitted – 6th November 2019

An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against Peterborough City Council’s decision to refuse to grant planning permission for the demolition of the former Fenman Public House and erection of a new children’s nursery has been submitted.

If you have already submitted comments, these will be passed on to the Inspector. If you wish to make further or reinforce your comments you can do so to the Planning Inspector Judith Birch by 9th December 2019 online at 

Please ensure you quote reference number APP/J0540/W/19/3238406 in all correspondence.


My Objection – March 2019

Ref Planning Application No 19/00168/FUL

Demolition of existing public house and erection of new children’s nursery (D1 use) with associated car parking and landscaping (resubmission)

I write as a ward councillor for Stanground South to object to this planning application to demolish the public house formally known as the Fenman  and replace it with a nursery. The main reasons for my objection are the serious potential effects on resident amenity due to noise and increased exhaust gas pollution due to additional traffic to an already busy junction and road network.

This application is contrary to planning policy because it will an cause unacceptable increase in noise in what is currently primarily a very quiet retirement area. Almost every resident within a reasonable distance of the proposed nursery site is retired and at home during the daytime. They wish only to continue to be able enjoy their homes and gardens in peace.  A large increase in noise levels and disturbance along with substantial increases in air pollution caused by exhaust gases will I believe cause serious mental and physical health effects to nearby residents, not to mention to young lungs too.

It is very disingenuous to try to compare the noise levels generated from the previous public house to that of a 78 place nursery. The hours of use were very different, the vehicles movements of a nursery will be much higher, and the majority of the year those using a public house are inside the premises.

The application is clearly at odds with Peterborough’s City Council’s aspirations of becoming the Environment Capital of the UK because it does not promote a reduction in the need to travel and as has already been said, will lead to an increase in pollution in the local area and would detract from the quality of the environment for local residents indeed, the application documents themselves suggest the majority of parents will arrive to drop off their children by car.

The nursery entrance will be very close to an already extremely busy traffic light controlled junction and one that at peak times is regularly gridlocked due to the sheer volumes of traffic passing through Stanground on route to the City Centre and back out towards Whittlesey.

In addition, during high rainfall periods, Whittlesey Road experiences a huge increase in traffic due to the closure of North Bank which causes almost gridlock conditions.

The application is contrary to Planning Policy PP3 line ‘C’ which states that 

‘Planning permission should not be granted which would result in unacceptable noise and or disturbance for the occupiers or users of any nearby property or land’.

The application is contrary to Planning Policy PP3 line ‘F’ which states that 

‘Planning permission should not be granted which would result in unacceptable odour and/or pollution’.

The application is contrary to Policy CS14  in that – 

‘The transport strategy for Peterborough is to : reduce the need to travel, especially by private car’.

In summary.

Whilst I accept there is a need for nursery places, that need is primarily for areas populated by residents with younger children such as the newly created Cardea development but almost every resident living near the proposed nursery site are retired and have no need for such a facility but are being as asked to accept the likely negative effects.

I therefore request that planning permission is refused for the reasons given so as the residents in the local vicinity are allowed to continue to enjoy their current quality of life, peace and quiet.

Councillor Chris Harper

Stanground South Ward Councillor