Recent News

  • Persimmon Liaison Meeting – 19th November 2019

      As your ward councillors, Ray, Brian & I meet with representatives of Persimmon Homes and PCC Planning & Highways Officers  on a quarterly basis in order that we may discuss the issues you have told us about relating to the new building areas in Cardea and along Peterborough Road. Note – Individual issues regarding…

  • Average Speed Cameras – Whittlesey Road

    Several residents have asked about the new yellow columns on Whittlesey Road and I can confirm they are for average speed cameras.

  • Budget Proposals – Have Your Say

    Please take the time to read through the budget proposals and submit your views and/or suggestions during the consultation period. Thank you. In January councillors will make the final decisions on our phase one budget proposals. There's still time to share you opinions with us – join the consultation here: Posted by Peterborough City…

  • Close but no cigar

    Close but no cigar. Nicely set up for some poor child to drag into school in the morning or to have all over someone’s wheelchair or pushchair wheels. No excuses. 😡  

  • Brodsworth Road Litter Bin – Stolen Again

    Sigh! The new bin at the bottom of Brodsworth Road has only been in a week and the top has already been removed. Likely in the river by now I know, but if you spot it whilst out walking please let me know.

  • Fireworks – I’d like to hear your views

    I’ve received comments from concerned residents regarding the effect present day fireworks can have on people with a nervous disposition, the elderly and veterans particularly with regards to the super loud booms now available. It is also clear from reading recent social media posts and by way of the generic letters I’m receiving from residents…

  • Nursery Appeal Submitted – Please ensure you submit your comments

    Appeal Submitted – 6th November 2019 An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against Peterborough City Council’s decision to refuse to grant planning permission for the demolition of the former Fenman Public House and erection of a new children’s nursery has been submitted. If you have already submitted comments, these will be…

  • Caution – Broken Glass Warning

    Caution to parents with children and local dog walkers. Please take extra care this morning. Some idiot has smashed a bottle on the footpath to the rear of Heritage Park Primary, one of the main routes taken by children to school and for those waking their dogs. I’m confident I’ve managed to clear it all…

  • Cardea Community Church – Litter Pick

    The Three Amigos were happy to help with this mornings Litter Pick organised by the Cardea Community Church. Brilliant effort by all involved. Thank you.  

  • Sorry, this is a rubbish post. 😉

    Sorry, this is a rubbish post. 😉 Residents asked for an additional litter bin on Park Farm Way near the entrance to Delph Court to help with a litter and dog poo problem. You said – we did Watch out too for another one coming soon to the corner of Fletton High Street and Princes Road.…