Local Elections

Local Elections 2017 

Ray Bisby – Stanground South storms to huge victory with 59% of the vote

Congratulations to my Stanground South team colleague Ray Bisby polling a massive 59% of the vote. Ray has worked really hard in the ward and a more truthful, honest and caring person I am yet to meet. He has shown how truly worthy he is to be a councillor in our ward.

Sadly whilst one candidate did resort to personal negative campaigning, we will never consider attacking our rivals.

We prefer to remain magnanimous in victory.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Why I’m not standing in this years local election or indeed next year?

Stanground South Winners 2016. L-R Cllr Brian Rush, Shailesh Vara MP, Cllr Ray Bisby & yours truly.

We have a local election coming up on May 3rd 2018  and I think some clarification may be needed, some of you querying why I am not standing?

Best get yourself a coffee because this is a long one.

Two years ago in 2016, the boundary commission decided that the increase in population and forecast growth of the old Stanground Central Ward would become too big for 3 councillors to serve efficiently and they didn’t like having 1 Councillor wards any longer which ours was (Stanground East).

Therefore the boundaries were redrawn with input from the public and the city council for the whole of Peterborough which resulted in Stanground being split up into Fletton & Stanground Ward and our new ward Stanground South.

‘Stanground South’ would be a new ward which would include Stanground East (Park Farm), Cardea, Oakdale and also a part of Fletton up to the Barclays Bank on High Street.

This change to ward boundaries meant that an ‘all out’ local election was required and this happened back in May 2016.

Peterborough has a constitution different to that of national politics in that it only has ‘all out’ elections when the boundaries are changed, the normal process being Year 1 – No election (Fallow Year), hence no local election in 2017, Year 2 – 1/3 of councillors, Year 3 – 1/3 of councillors, Year 4 – 1/3 of councillors.

To decide in what order this takes place after an ‘all out’, the Councillor with the most votes receives a 4 year term of office, the Councillor with the second highest votes receives 3 years and the Councillor with the third highest number of votes receives 2 years in office. The sequence then effectively repeats itself.

I was fortunate to enjoy the highest vote from you in 2016 in our new ward and so remain your Councillor for another 2 years before I need to seek re-election.

What’s vital though is to appreciate how Ray, Brian and I have been working hard as a team to secure the best for you and our ward and indeed Peterborough.

Apart from hundreds of individual case work items, we’ve fought some particularly difficult and totally unsuitable planning applications with you that would have had a huge effect on the amenity of our ward such as the Anaerobic Digestion Plant at Horsey Toll Farm and the Chicken Farm and Slaughterhouse near Farcet.

  • We secured the inclusion of the Whittlesey Road and Pondersbridge Junction in the PCC 5 Year Local Transport Plan and now we’ve secured the promise of joint funding from the combined authority and PCC to make the improvements happen.
  • We lobbied and secured the return to 8 grass cuts a year.
  • We’ve secured the expansion of Oakdale Primary School to two form entry, the build work to commence soon.
  • We broke the deadlock over the layby at Stanground Surgery and plans are being confirmed for the much needed larger surgery and car park right now.
  • We pushed for the build of the Cardea Pavilion to be completed and are proud of what a great success that has become thanks to the fine efforts of the great volunteers of Cardea Sports Association who manage and run it.
  • We are in close contact with Persimmon Homes to ensure the build, roadways and footpaths proceed as planned and where difficulties arrive, we work with Persimmons to try and resolve them.
  • We worked with PCC enforcement team to clean up and secure the field behind Stanground Community Centre after it was so badly abused after an unauthorised traveller encampment and further secured the funding to improve the protection of the Cardea Sports Pavilion from unauthorised encampments.
  • We secured the funding to improve the lighting and the conversion of the yellow beacons to LED on the Fletton Avenue Zebra Crossing.
  • We launched the ‘Clean It Up’ campaign to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pet, giving out free rolls of poo bags, securing extra bins and stenciling reminders on dog walking routes.
  • We’ve completed litter picks throughout the ward and don’t only do them at election time with over 120 bags already collected in Park Farm alone.
  • We work with the Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Residents Groups and all other authorities to ensure we tackle Crime and ASB head on when reported.
  • We take the education and development of our children extremely seriously and are all School Governors in local schools. I’m at Heritage Park, Ray is at Oakdale and Brian at Southfields.
  • We don’t do negative campaigning in our literature or on our Facebook sites. We will tell you who we are, what our values are, what we have done and what we will pledge to do.

We all love it here and that’s particularly why my wife, children and I made Park Farm our home some 20 years ago.

Ray, Brian and I are passionate about our ward and want only what’s best for everyone in it and for our great city as a whole.

I am honoured to continue to be one of your ward councillors and will do so for as long as both you and I wish me to do so.

Please help to keep our strong team together so we can continue our work and be proud to be the best ward in the city by voting for my colleague Ray Bisby this year on Thursday May 3rd.


On May 3rd this year my very capable colleague Ray Bisby is seeking re-election as one of your councillors in our ward Stanground South.

Ray like me, lives in the ward so knows exactly what the issues are and together with our ward councillor colleague Brain Rush, we have worked as a strong and united team to ensure you continue to live and enjoy the best ward in Peterborough and can be confident of having the best representation at council.

I hope you’ll agree and will support Ray by way of your vote come election day on Thursday May 3rd 2018.

More about Ray

I am delighted to have be chosen by the North West Cambridgeshire Conservative Association to stand again in May 2018 as their prospective candidate for the position of Councillor in Stanground South.

I left school and went straight into military service, the significant part of which I served in Northern Ireland. I left the Military to join the Royal Ulster Constabulary in Northern Ireland for over 19 years before being medically retired. I re-educated myself through A levels in 2001, going on to University and graduating with a degree of BSc Hons Social Psychology.

I have been involved in volunteering from 1999 where I was a volunteer within the prisons in Northern Ireland. I came over to Peterborough in 2006 and helped form a successful Age UK club in Hampton for people aged 60 plus. When I moved into Cardea near the start of the build, I started a Neighbourhood Watch, worked with Cardea Community Residents Association, became the Chair of the local Police Panel, became a member of the Cardea Community Sports Association that helps with the Park Farm Pumas. I volunteer in the local school, helping with KS2 pupils with their reading skills. I am now the Vice Chair of Oakdale Primary School and the Safeguarding Governor.

In the ward, I work with Councillors Chris Harper and Brian Rush to help keep our ward a safe and pleasant place to live. I continue to work with the schools on road safety, an issue around most schools. Recently it was announced that I will be the new Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridge and Peterborough, holding the Chief Constable to account should the Police and Crime plan not be adhered to. and gives me influence in policing priorities.

I have been working over the last few years with Highways, Planning, Persimmon, Amazon, Debenhams, Taxi registrations branch and the Police to reduce as far as practicable, the issues of safety on the A605 roundabout near to Kingston Park and Flaxley Road. As most residents in Stanground know, the issue of increased staff at the local businesses over Christmas can cause many issues. Through consultation and agreement, I have been able to influence the parking, delivery and shift changes for the biggest employer, Amazon and had extra road signage erected.

In Cardea there are many issues with the builders and I have formed good relationships and arranged regular meetings between Persimmon, Planning, Highways etc to resolve issues as they arise. Along with my fellow councillors I have arranged and taken part in litter picks throughout the ward and stencilled the areas where owners fail to clean up after their dog.

Along with Chris  & Brian, we campaigned for the full grass cutting programme to be re-installed and I have just secured the money to put a safety fence around the Oakdale Play Area to help keep our children safe.

Together with our MP Shailesh Vara, we are opposing a totally unsuitable planning application for a Chicken Farm and  Slaughter House nearby in Farcet. We believe this would seriously affect air quality , transport routes and many other facets of our lives.

I vow to continue with the work we have started and fight to keep you the public safe, address issues as they arise and be available to listen and work with you .



Local Elections 2016

123 Conservative Win for Stanground South
Its a 1,2,3 Conservative Win for Stanground South

My sincere thanks to everyone for voting on election day and in doing so giving your support to Ray, Brian and me as the ward councillors of Stanground South. I am particularly honoured that you voted me into first place.

Special thanks go to our partners, families and our mini army of loyal supporters who gave their time to help with all the leaflet deliveries, manning the polling stations and at the count last night.

We are very humbled at the level of support you have shown us, a terrific 54% of the vote, and for giving us a mandate to continue our hard work and ensure our ward remains one of the best places to live in our great city.

Thank you

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Final electoral boundary recommendations published for Peterborough for 2016

The Local Government Boundary Commission has published its final decision for new electoral arrangements for Peterborough City Council. A new ward ‘Stanground South’ has been created from 2016 which will combine Park Farm, Cardea, Oakdale, South West Stanground and  a small section of Fletton.


The Commission has now completed its review and considered every piece of evidence it received before finalising these recommendations.