Litter Picks

42 Litter Picks

Total Rubbish Bags Collected – 122

Want to suggest an area of Cardea, Oakdale or Park Farm to clean and willing to help?

Then call or text me 07572 463898


Pride in my patch
Pride in my patch

Litter Picking

Litter and fly-tipping is down to a minority of residents who don’t care about our area or their neighbours and there is just no excuse for it when there are plenty of bins available. The same applies to dog owners not clearing up after their pet.

As Spring arrives and the trees and shrubs are still leafless, there is no better time for the community to come together and show the pride we have in our ward by carrying out litter picks during the spring and summer months.

If you care about our ward and want to help show that pride by joining me one Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon, please get in touch.

We have a number of litter picking tools, gloves and the bags. Collection has also been arranged for when we finish each pick.

Working for our community




Give me a call, email or message me if you want to join in and show your pride in our ward.