Litter Picks

Total Rubbish Bags Collected – 122

Want to suggest an area of Cardea, Oakdale or Park Farm to clean and willing to help?

Then call or text me 07572 463898


Pride in my patch
Pride in my patch

What’s been collected so far

4th February – 3 bags

14th January –  4 bags

23rd December –  2 Bags

22nd October – 3 bags

21st October – 15 bags

3rd September – 3 bags today and loads of fly tipping along the green wheel reported.

23rd July – 2 bags today.

25th June – 3 bags again.

12th February – 4 bags of rubbish again today and loads of dog poo. Something needs to be done

30th December – 4 bags filled, disappointing.

2nd October – 3 full bags again today.

31st July- 3 full bags today. Please use the bins.

1st May – 2 bags today.

3rd April – 5 bags today, very disappointment.

20 March  – Local residents pick up 2 bags in Brodsworth Road – Well done.

5th March – Clean for the Queen – 5 bags collected before hail stopped the pick. Even found a set of car keys in Harlton Close and quickly reunited them with their owner after a bit of door knocking, much to the relief of the owner.

7th February – 2 Clean It Up signs resprayed and 2 full bags of rubbish collected today. Disappointing amount of rubbish dumped at bottom of Belton Road and in the cut that links to Wigmore Road but on the bright side, they left a wage slip in the rubbish. Guess where this is going….if the culprit is reading this, expect a visit very soon.

31st January – ‘Rain stopped play’ for this one I’m afraid. Try again next week.

24th January – 1 bag today.

10th January – 2 bags today but the new bins were all half full so they’re doing there job.

2nd January – ‘Rain stopped play’ for this one I’m afraid. Try again next week.

20th December – Someone obviously had a party on the quiet, 30+ empty alcohol bottles, coke cans and pizza boxes all dumped in a heap beside the pond in Park Farm. Why not just use the public bins if you’re bothered about your parents finding it rather than just dumping it? Good though to see the new bins all over half full which means less being dropped in these areas now. 3 bags though today.

6th December – Just the one bag again and several additional clean it up signs sprayed where you said you wanted them.

22nd November – Just the one bag again today. Also sprayed 20+  Clean It Up signs on local footpaths. Know somewhere else that might benefit from one?

15th November – Very windy and just one bag today.Litter Picking

25th October – 3 bags today but over a much wider area so fairly pleased. Wish it was less than one though.

20th September  –  A disappointing 4 bags collected today, hopefully the new bins will encourage people to throw their litter in them rather than on the floor.

26th August – Belton, Wigmore and Middleham received a visit this evening. Generally very clean except for the idiot who smashed glass on the footpath through to Middleton but still a bag full.

1st August – Saturday again – The park was pretty bad, a full bag this time…..and there’s 3 bins? Please use them.

18th July – A Saturday morning this time for a change. Round the front of Park Farm, Upton, and Ellwood. Just the one bag, so we’re getting there except for the Subway wrappers. Please use the bins or take them home.

5th July – One bag this time again. Concern over what I found though in the way of empty alcohol containers. More on this soon after securing police priority in the area for the next 3 months through the summer holidays.

21st June – On my own this Sunday but a huge bag full collected which is a bit disappointing. Please use the bins provided.

17th May – 1 bag today from around the green wheel and play park  – Now  33 collected to date.

10th May – Pretty good this time around. 2 more bags brings us up to 32 plus the fence in the play park was repaired.

19th April 2015 – Cllr Richard Brown and his wife joined us for today’s litter pick in Ellwood Avenue and the surrounding roads. 3 more bags to add to the total now brings our tally up to 30!

6th April 2015 – Given up on any help from the opposition parties, they’d rather do Cardea than the ward they live in. The fact some of them live here but don’t help out speaks volumes – 3 more bags today from around the Nursery and down Park Farm Way Footpath. Plenty still to do, why not volunteer to help too?

22nd March 2015 – Still not a Labour Parliamentary Candidate in site since we started, despite two of them living in our ward. 4 more bags today that takes the tally to 24!

10th March 2015 – Cleared away some overhanging shrubs and bagged up the rubbish underneath – 6 bags collected in Middleham Close.

28th February 2015 – Great to be joined by a whole family for this mornings litter pick in the Brodsworth Road area of Park Farm. That’s 6 more bags of rubbish to add to the campaign. Many thanks to those that helped.

22nd February  2015 – Joined by a local tradesman this morning to help clear the play park. Total of 5 bags collected.

15th February  2015 – ‘We’re off’ and clearing the footpath at the rear of the school grounds. 3 bags collected.

Care about the area? Join me to keep it looking great.
Care about the area? Join me to keep it looking great.

Litter and fly-tipping is down to a minority of residents who don’t care about our area or their neighbours and there is just no excuse for it when there are plenty of bins available. The same applies to dog owners not clearing up after their pet.

As Spring arrives and the trees and shrubs are still leafless, there is no better time for the community to come together and show the pride we have in our ward by carrying out litter picks during the spring and summer months.

If you care about our ward and want to help show that pride by joining me one Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon, please get in touch.

We have a number of litter picking tools, gloves and the bags. Collection has also been arranged for when we finish each pick.



Working for our community




Give me a call, email or message me if you want to join in and show your pride in our ward.