CLF Funding

The Community Leadership Fund is granted to me each year as your councillor for use on community projects in the ward or in the Greater Peterborough area where Stanground South residents benefit. If you are part of a community group, school or youth club etc and require help with funding or maybe you’d just like to see something done in the ward that you believe would benefit the area please get in touch. I need to keep track of any monies granted from the CLF fund but I am keen to ensure the application process is as simple as possible so as not to put people off.

As your councillor it is only right and proper that I ask – Do I believe it is in our community’s interest or that of Peterborough as a whole, how much will it cost (i.e. quotations), who will control the money, how will the spending be monitored, what is the envisaged payback and how do we track it? I will want to see the grant used exactly as agreed  within the same financial year and that receipts/accounts are made freely available.

Residents can be assured that if any money is not used as per the agreement then I will request its return and report any such concerns to the authorities. CLF applications must also receive the prior approval of the Solicitor to the Council, the Director of the relevant service area and the Executive Director. If you run a community group, have a community based project or an idea for our ward and would like to apply for help via community leadership funding, please contact me by letter or email. I’ll arrange to meet with you and talk through your idea in more detail. 

Year 2019-2020

  • Additional Litter Bin – Princes Street – £315.00
  • Additional Litter Bin – Oakdale Avenue – £315.00
  • Additional Litter Bin – Green Wheel – £315.00
  • Wonky Donkey Defibrillator – Contribution – £50.00

Year 2018-2019

  • Park Farm Defibrillator – Contribution – £950.00
  • Army Cadet Corps of Drums – Band Musical Instruments – Contribution – £50.00

Year 2017-2018

  • New Bin – Green Wheel, Bottom of Havelock Drive – £391.00
  • ‘Love Peterborough’ Dog Poo Stencils £124.00
  • Green Wheel Motorcycle Signs£480.00


Year 2016-2017

  • Heritage Park Primary School – Contribution towards electronic equipment to facilitate the ‘Accelerated Reading’ initiative. – £400.00.
  • Cardea Community Sports Association – Contribution towards outdoor artificial grass area at the pavilion for pre-school. £300.00.
  • Cardea Tots – Contribution to all weather playhouse, slide and swing play equipment – £300.00.

Year 2015-2016

  • St Michael’s Pre-School Contribution towards learning equipment £300.00.
  • Peterborough & Cambridgeshire District Dyslexia Association – Peterborough children and parents of all ages identified as affected by dyslexia from all aspects of life, are able to continue to be supported and able to reach their full potential by this service at our local ward primary school Heritage Park Primary. Contribution for new learning equipment. £408.69.
  • Cardea Community Sports Association – Contribution towards kitchen equipment for the new pavilion by all Stanground & Cardea residents. £291.31.

Year 2014-2015

This years budget has reduced the ward allowance for the coming year to £1000. If you have a community based project or an idea for our ward and would like to apply for help via community leadership funding, please contact me.

  • Community First Responders These local hero’s volunteer to respond to emergencies in Park Farm, Cardea, Stanground and Farcet. Contribution towards a second emergency kit – £245.00
  • Cardea Community Sports Association – Sports field line marking equipment for use by all Stanground & Cardea residents. – Contribution £500.00
  • Powerleague Colts Family Fun Day – Contribution – £250.00

Powerleague Colts

Year 2013-2014

Budget cuts meant it was necessary to reduce the ward allowance to £7K for this financial year.

Peterborough & Cambridgeshire District Dyslexia AssociationPeterborough children and parents of all ages identified as affected by dyslexia from all aspects of life, will be supported and able to reach their full potential by this service coming to our local ward primary school. Contribution £1095.00.

Park Farm Play Park Seating Upgrade New bench seats for the play park to continue the planned upgrade due to be installed in May 2014. £1511.04.

Peterborough World War One Centenary Committee – Events will recognise the contribution made by Peterborough men and women, as well as the city council and city’s scouting movement, during the period. A major aspect of the project will be to involve schools so that children from across Peterborough learn more about The Great War and the sacrifices that were made. This could involve a family tree project where students trace their own relatives back to World War I to see how they were involved in the conflict.Many schools in the city already organise trips to the battlefields of France and Belgium as part of their history studies. It’s hoped that as part of the project opportunities to visit historic sites like these will be made available to an even greater number of pupils. Already this year Peterborough schools have been involved in a project to mark Remembrance Day and have each received poppy seeds to plant on their school sites. Contribution £1593.96.

Powerleague Colts The Powerleague Colts youth project needs support with the purchase of football kits. The initiative is already showing great signs of  teamwork, fitness and respect. In order to maintain and grow this project and its goals further, additional equipment is necessary. £450.00 contribution.

Inspire Peterborough – Inspire Peterborough is a project within Dial Peterborough building locally on the legacy of the 2012 London Paralympic games promoting sport, physical activity, health and well-being for disabled people of all ages. £1000.00 contribution.

3rd Nene Stanground Scout Group – Summer Camp allows the cubs and scouts to come together and provides an experience for all ages to promote and educate social skills and teamwork development in a fun and safe environment. £1000.00 contribution.

Aydon Road Grit BinResidents at bottom of Aydon Road have real difficultly every winter when its icy getting their vehicles up the hill or walking on the footpath. Residents have aired concern that they are really worried emergency vehicles will get stuck and would like to see a grit box installed. Grit bin purchase and siting – £350.00. 

Year 2012-2013

Children in Care – The funds available for the next Children in Care Awards are again limited this year and they have appealed once again for help in order for the ceremony to go ahead in February. The event celebrates the achievements of the children and young people for which the council acts as corporate parents. I have agreed to contribute £513.85.

Southern Area Youth Forum – A Christmas event has been organised for the members of our area youth forum who have particularly hard in Stanground East this year. I have agreed to contribute £50.00.

Park Farm Pumas Floodlighting – The Pumas Team continue to have my utmost respect for the selfless effort they put in for benefit of our children. I received an application for help in the purchase of portable floodlighting which would allow them to continue to train and play during the winter months. I agree that having their own floodlight facility will save having to rent out floodlit pitches every winter, enable them to keep their strong identity at their home facilities, and allow them to use their winter funds on more facilities, equipment and activities for the numerous children at the club. I’m convinced this grant will help the children benefit from more regular direct training keeping them active, fitter and healthier. The club has approached the FA in a bid for matched funding and I wish them the very best in their quest. £3463.20. Read more

Park Farm Play Park Upgrade & New Footpath – The play park has benefited from the installation of nearly £18,000 worth of new activity equipment and a new level  footpath to replace the rough track requested by the youth forum during their neighbourhood consultation and will ensure safe access for disabled residents visiting the play park. I’ve agreed to fund the new footpath. £4643.95.

Adult Day Care Centre – Summer outings encourage social mixing, life skills, development of friendships, sharing of interests, environmental culture, and promotion of dignity and further help to develop service users own personal sensory experience. I’ve agreed to contribute £500.00. The use of IT technology greatly increases service users ability to communicate and interact therefore I’ve agreed to fund an additional Ipad for the centre at a cost of £290.00. I’ve also agreed to contribute towards a Christmas Party again this year £250.00.

Stanground Family Fun Day Big BandI was pleased to be able to support the Stanground Family Fun Day by way of funding for the Big Band Live Music Performance. This proved to be something very special. £250.00.

Year 2011-2012

Southern Area Youth ForumAn event is being organised for the members of our area youth forum which includes an activity day and project workshop. I have agreed to fund this event. £500.00.

Southfields Pre SchoolA request for help with the funding of IT and music equipment has been received from the pre school. The equipment will encourage listening and movement skills and the development of the children. I have agreed to fund the equipment purchase.

£514.96. Adult Day Care Centre – Sensory Garden and New Wipe Clean Suite – The garden will serve as a sanctuary for service user and is especially beneficial for those with autistic tendencies allowing for a connection with the natural world. The garden will enable stimulation and relaxation through sound and touch. By changing the current seating to a hardwearing and wipe clean surface, this will ensure infection control. I have agreed a contribution of £1606.14.

Children in Care – The funds available for the next Children in Care Awards are limited and they have appealed for help in order for the ceremony to go ahead in February. The event celebrates the achievements of the children and young people for which the council acts as corporate parents. I have agreed to contribute £500.00.

Adult Day Care Centre – Residents from our ward regularly use this brilliant facility. I really enjoyed being able to visit and talk to both users and their carers and together with councillors from Stanground Central and Fletton we have all agreed to contribute towards a Christmas Party for the group. I agreed to contribute £266.00.

Heritage Park Primary School successfully applied for £1887.90 to install a raised bed vegetable project. This required the need to break up and remove a large hardcore area, the building of the raised beds and the insertion of sterilised compost and soil. The children will learn to grow vegetables and gain an understanding of which vegetables can be grown at different times of the year. Some of the vegetables will be used in the school kitchen so that the children will have a chance to eat them as part of school lunch. The rest of the vegetables will be cooked by the children themselves, encouraging healthier eating and lifestyles.

Southfields Community Centre received a grant of £825.00 to help with interior and exterior decorating materials. The long overdue redecorating work will be carried out by volunteers.

St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool received a grant of £1000.00. Having taken the time to visit and meet both users and staff at the pool I’m convinced this is a fantastic treatment service for any resident in our ward and in Peterborough as a whole and needs the support of all councillors.

Park Farm Pumas received a £2000.00 grant. This is a great initiative for the youths in the area.

The Post Box Footpath & Bollards on Park Farm Way cost £900.00. You said you wanted something doing about this and I’m pleased to have made it happen by funding the installation of a footpath and bollards to allow access direct from vehicles to the postbox and therefore negating the need to pull on to the verge.