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  • Does anyone know who Bryce or Elijah are?

    Does anyone know who Bryce or Elijah are? We’ve had a visit by vandals along Whittlesey Road and Park Farm Way spraying walls, lampposts and utility boxes. All reported to PCC/Utility companies etc so as we can get it all cleaned up ASAP. I’ve also reported it to the police and would be grateful for…

  • Fletton Lake Update

    Fletton Lake Update Thanks to the actions of IKEA, the route taken by the flytippers to access the lakeside has now been blocked off. The big clean up continues.

  • Cllr Brian Rush Wins Stanground South with 47% of the vote

    Cllr Brian Rush Wins Stanground South with 47% of the vote. Huge congratulations to my ward colleague Brian Rush on his re-election as a councillor for our ward Stanground South. Together we’ve earned ourselves the rather endearing name locally of ‘The Three Amigos’ and rightly so. Along with our other ward colleague Ray Bisby, we…

  • Fletton Lake Update

    Fletton Lake Update Doesn’t it make you sick? After the massive amount of work the community payback team has and continues to do to clear up this prized wildlife area, along comes some selfish b****** and dumps a lorry load of fly-tipping right beside the lake. Evidence was found in the rubbish by our enforcement…

  • Poultry Farm & Slaughterhouse Update – Planning Permission is again ‘Refused’

    Poultry Farm & Slaughterhouse Update – Planning Permission is again ‘Refused’. I’ve finally received notification that the proposed poultry farm and slaughterhouse planning application to be sited nearby has been refused again by HDC planning officers under delegated powers. We can at last breathe easy again but must all remain alert in case they come…

  • Bin Collections as normal on Good Friday

    There will be no change to bin collections as a result of the Easter break. Bins will still be collected as usual on Good Friday. As always, please make sure your bin is out for collection by 6.45am.

  • Dear Dog Owner

    Dear dog owner. Whether your dog does little ones or drops them like an elephant……please clean up after it. Don’t worry though as it’s half term and the kids will be using this route to access the play-park, I picked this one up for you.

  • Report missed bins, fly tipping, graffiti, noise nuisance and lots more on the PCC website

    The ‘My Peterborough App’ is no longer in use. Please follow the new process to report fly tipping etc. If it’s in our ward please kindly also let me know so as I can monitor the response. Click here to submit a report

  • Persimmon Meeting Feedback from Cllr Brian Rush

    Hello everyone As usual, we had our quarterly meeting with Persimmons to raise issues and get an update on the things that are going to happen within the next few months. Bedstone is waiting for Lin Consulting to do the prep work for the adoption by the council. Between Cardea and Bedstone, there will be…

  • Arson – Upton Close – Can you help?

    This happened on the 7th April at the bottom of Upton Close next to the old Fenman Public House by the willow trees. Two mopeds deliberately set ablaze and destroyed. The arson is bad enough but to deliberately set a fire so close to where adults and children live shows the type of brainless halfwits…