About Me

Whilst I was very disappointed with how Parliament had resisted the BREXIT process, I am proud of my Conservative values.

There was clearly a very serious disconnect between the people and those in Westminster, particularly the last Prime Minister, her cabinet and many others in Parliament and after the debacle by PM May of entering into negotiations with Jeremy Corbyn, I did seriously consider ending my membership. But after careful consideration, I think the only way to restore faith in our party and to represent those of you who share similar values is to remain a member, continue with my ward colleagues to work hard for you in our ward and across Peterborough, and working with similar minded members, change my party from within at grass roots level.  

The Conservative way is to help those in need with ‘a hand up’ helping them to better themselves and together make Britain ‘GREAT’ again. That’s why no matter how you voted in the referendum we must for the sake of democracy, honour the result of the referendum and support Boris Johnson at the next general election and  ‘Get BREXIT Done’

I totally oppose the ‘something for nothing culture’ that socialism has relentlessly encouraged in our country under previous Labour governments whether through a lifetime on benefits or an open door immigration policy.

Labour & the Liberal Democrats have shown they are desperate for power and will say and do anything to get that power by colluding to frustrate BREXIT, by promising ‘hand outs’ as they did at the last election and by trying to reduce the voting age in an attempt to politicise children and even more shocking, by attempting to give EU citizens the right to vote in our nation country in order to fix the result.

To contact me call 07572 463898

email chris.harper@peterborough.gov.uk

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A very warm welcome to my Peterborough City Councillor website and thank you for reading.

Talking to you on your doorstep has revealed what you’d like to see done in our ward.

Venue hire fees for surgeries cost the council directly so non attendance is wasteful. I’ve therefore decided to organise them as and when necessary going forward to meet your needs. Please call me if you wish a private consultation and I will arrange to come to you or organise a suitable venue accordingly.

The basic councillor allowance (which includes travel and telephone allowances) is currently a taxable £10,100 per annum.  I also receive a taxable special responsibility allowance for being Chairman of The Planning & Environmental Protection Committee. I pay for my annual car parking permit.

Community Leadership Funds are granted to city councillors each year so if you have a community based project that needs funding please let me know so as we can arrange a meeting and discuss your application.

If you have an event or fund raising date coming up please let me know.


Personal Background

Born in Peterborough to working class parents I was brought up on council estates in Gunthorpe and Paston and educated at Gunthorpe Primary followed by Walton Comprehensive School. I joined Eastern Electricity Board as an apprentice electrician in 1979 after a short interim job at Cantors in Long Causeway studying at Havering and Peterborough Technical Colleges. In 1996 I became a refrigeration engineer with Iceland Foods where I progressed to technical support and training manager, then after a short term position with an international air handling company as the UK service manager I moved into my current employed position as an Electrical Engineer and started up my own Electrical Contracting and Loft Insulation business.

I moved to Park Farm in 1998.

My interests include a passion for family life, my friends, motorcycles, carp & coarse fishing and voluntary work. Being a practical person I tend to study factual information rather than fiction although I love a good spaghetti western or sci-fi film.


My history of service to the community

    • 8 yrs in St John Ambulance Brigade. Over 2000 hrs of voluntary public service. Awarded ‘Grand Prior Award’.
    • 5 yrs public service as a Special Constable with Cambridgeshire Constabulary in Peterborough.
    • Founder and chair for 5 yrs of a National ‘Respect Award’ Winning Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.
    • Launched the ‘Pick 1 Up’ litter campaign which resulted in over 200 bags of litter being removed from the area.
    • Negotiated and planned the £35K refurbishment of Park Farm children’s play park.
    • Pushed for adoption of un-adopted developers common land in Park Farm to ensure regular ground maintenance.
    • Worked with Community Payback Team to maintain un-adopted areas by cutting the grass and shrubs, litter picking, removing graffiti and cutting in of several fishing swims along the riverbank. They also repainted the railings as you enter Park Farm for us.
  • Awards received are Service to the Community Award from Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Government Respect Award for taking a stand against ASB and the Heart Heroes Award for Best Community.


  • I served 3 yrs as the Chair of the Stanground East Neighbourhood Policing Panel.
  • I was a member of the Peterborough Civic Commons project. A group where local people, local decision-makers and leading thinkers from around the world met in London and in Peterborough and discussed new ideas and the things that mattered to them.
  • I served as Chair of the Fletton, Stanground & Woodston Neighbourhood Committee.
  • I served as the Deputy Mayor of Peterborough for the year 2014-2015, my wife Rita being the Deputy Mayoress. (Read More)
  • I served as the Deputy Chair (Political) of the North West Cambridgeshire Conservative Association.
  • I am a blood donor and on the bone marrow donor register.
  • I have been the LA School Governor at Heritage Park Primary School for 10 years.
  • I am Chairman of The Planning & Environmental Protection Committee.
  • I am Chairman of the Sustainable Growth  & Environmental Capital Scrutiny Committee.
  • I am a Permanent Member of the Corporate Parenting Committee.
  • I am the Conservative Policy Chairman.