Thank you to our NHS, Key Workers and Volunteers

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What a noise again on Thursday across the ward thanking our NHS, Key Workers and volunteers for their continued brilliant work.

Today is St George’s Day. St George was admired for his strength in the face of terrible suffering and many of you are showing great strength and doing a great job keeping an eye on your friends and neighbours.

Those in need are in the main being helped by their family and friends but we mustn’t be complacent, different people might need to start self isolating at any time and we need to be alert because they might need our help tomorrow.

Please, if you have elderly, vulnerable or self isolating neighbours living near you, can I ask that you check on them, remembering to self distance, and ensure they have what they need.

If they need help please advise them to call the PCC Covid Hub on 01733 747474 or contact one of the other support groups or contact me by messenger or by phone on 07572 463898.

If you need help yourself or just want to talk to someone, please let somebody know.

As a community, let’s continue to show our strength and make sure nobody that needs help slips through the net.

Lovely pictures sent to me again by the way, thank you so much for your efforts.

Have a good week and stay well.


Stay Home
Protect The NHS
Save Lives

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