We need to catch these feckless idiots

We need to catch these feckless idiots before they hurt someone even themselves or cause damage that will cost thousands to put right.

Last night (11/2) at about 7:15pm residents living close to the Park Farm Play Park heard a loud bang only to find a fire had been started right underneath the climbing frame and as if that wasn’t bad enough, aerosol cans had been placed in the fire in order that they might explode. You can see the result in the picture attached.

Residents challenged three young teenagers in the park before putting the fire out, but they ran off.

The fire and police services were notified and I understand the fire service did attend.

These idiots could have hurt themselves or indeed someone else, they wasted the time of the emergency services when someone else might have needed them and they could have destroyed the climbing frame which would have cost several thousand pounds to replace.

I cleared the area this morning finding more empty aerosols and cardboard so the intent was clearly there to make this a much bigger fire.

If you can help with information regarding those involved please call the police on 101 quoting ref CC-11032020-0448 or DM me in confidence.

This is the third such incident of vandalism in as many weeks in the park therefore whilst I am already enquiring about cctv including covert cameras, I will also be requesting the police step up their patrols in the evening.

My thanks to those local residents for attending so quickly and preventing more damage being caused.

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