Fishpool Drive – Road Opening Ceremony

Fishpool Drive – Road Opening Ceremony

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I have some lovely memories of the fields off Belle Vue in Stanground having helped out at Fishpool’s stables with the ponies and horses some 40 years ago and before the parkway behind them was even built.

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My girlfriend at the time was Michele Goate and her pony Shelley was stabled there but as a long haired 17 year old biker, horses and ponies weren’t really my thing to be honest particularly at mucking out time. Motorbikes and heavy rock were more my scene.

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I learnt much about horse life and horse flies (big ouch!) and tried to enjoy it as part of being together (particularly when Shelley trod on my foot which for some reason seemed to happen a lot).

Michele suffered from Cystic Fibrosis and this made her life particularly difficult at times but if that pony needed something then come hail, snow, sleet or rain, she would with the support of her family and friends, make sure it happened.

Sadly Michele passed away in 1989 from complications associated with her illness and I take great comfort when I think back to all the memories we made together at the stables with her family and friends and the wonderful Peggy. They are precious and will stay with me forever.

It was only thanks to a local resident copying me in to Peggy’s Son’s Facebook thread about how nice it would be if the area could in some way remember her huge contribution to Stanground that I decided to write to the council, explain the history of the stables and suggest the new road might be named in her memory.

Today it was my honour to attend the site of the new homes off Belle Vue in Stanground with Peggy’s family Nigel & Rachel and their friends and fittingly ‘Dolly’ the pony, for the official opening ceremony of the new road dedicated in memory of one of Stanground’s most loved residents – Mrs Peggy Fishpool.

RIP Peggy, Stanground will never forget you.