Persistent Beggar – Park Farm & Stanground

12th January 2020 – Persistent Beggar – Park Farm & Stanground

I’ve been made aware of a man persistently begging on the streets of Park Farm and Stanground, stopping traffic by waving down cars at the Park Farm Roundabout, approaching people in the street and bothering people at the nearby Tesco Express on Whittlesey Road.

He usually claims to have either had his gas and electric cut off or needs help to pay his rent but by the looks of him I very much suspect the money is required to fund a habit.

Police are aware of him but he is becoming more and more persistent, even offering to follow people to their home or car to get money and this needs to stop now.

I finally met him myself this evening in the Tesco car park and asked him what he was doing? He claimed he was desperate and needed money for his rent so I told him who I was and asked him if he would tell me his name and where he lived? I told him his behaviour was frightening residents, unacceptable and had to stop or he would get into trouble with the police.

I’d hoped to get more of a conversation going in order to see if I might be able to direct him to some help but he would only say he was leaving and going back home.

He’s white, about 5ft 10 tall, longish greasy dark hair, very poor complexion and was wearing scruffy dark clothing and a blue or black hoodie.

His behaviour will likely continue therefore it is important that all such incidents are reported to the police.

I’ve reported my encounter to the police ref CC-12012020-0394, I urge anyone that sees or is pestered by this individual to do the same and to let me know too please.