Cardea Junction Realignment – Libertas Drive/Jupiter Avenue

17th January 2020

Cardea Junction Realignment – Libertas Drive/Jupiter Avenue

Works are due to commence from Monday 20th January for a period of approximately 4 weeks and Persimmon have provided the following information this morning.

The works are to realign the junction so that Jupiter Avenue is a through road and Libertas Drive is the give way junction off Jupiter Avenue.

For the majority of the works it will have very little carriageway incursion therefore maintaining the flow of traffic through the works area. However, whilst we are carrying out the final surfacing of the road we will need to close the road for a short period of time (a few hours) whilst the road surface cures sufficiently.

Whilst these works are ongoing we would encourage residents to take notice of any pedestrian diversions around the junction whilst we carry out the footway alterations.

We will notify all parties of the full road closure date once known, with at least 5 days’ notice to allow residents to make alternative arrangements where possible.