Caught Red Handed – Fined £300

Caught Red Handed – Fined £300

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Great news. A selfish fly-tipper living in our ward has been caught red-handed by a local resident dumping a chest of drawers on one of our common green areas.

The resident bravely challenged the culprit who tried to excuse his behaviour by declaring “everyone does it”, as if that’s an excuse, before picking up the item and taking it back to his own property.

The resident contacted me and in turn, the information was forwarded on to our enforcement team.

Officers attended and found the chest of drawers in the culprits front garden as reported. This along with a statement from the witness satisfied the officer that an offence had been committed and a £300 fixed penalty fine was issued.

Fly tipping is not acceptable and I will do all I can to ensure those responsible are punished for their selfish anti social actions but I need your help by way of your eyes and ears.

Read more about fly tipping by clicking on this link.

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