Happy Christmas – A mystery in Park Farm

Never would I have imagined where a simple call from the mother of a child playing happily in Park Farm would lead me. Sit back and enjoy the mystery in Park Farm.

Whilst my story does involve mystery, it ends very happily and just in time for Christmas which is somewhat fitting at this time of year when we are thinking of loved ones and yes, I have received the blessing of family members and those named to share this story and photographs.

Earlier this year I received a message from Clare a local mum, advising that her son Noah had discovered a ‘headstone in the bushes’ in Park Farm.

Intrigued, I made my way to the area and Noah told me how he’d been playing football, had kicked his ball into the bushes and on searching for it, had discovered the headstone. I thought this has got to be one of those joke polystyrene gravestones you see at Halloween but no, on being led through the thorny undergrowth by Noah to the location and then trying to move what was a very heavy piece of marble, it did indeed prove to be a real headstone in memory of a lady named Hannah Reeves Fenn.

I had to try and find out where it was from and have it returned to its proper place and so appealed on social media for any information about Hannah’s family, whilst being respectful and not revealing why it was I was trying to trace them. It was great to see my appeal was being shared many times and resulted in a couple of genealogists showing a keen interest and discovering that Hannah was the wife of John Fenn and her place of rest was listed as being in Ramsey Town Cemetery.

Christine, one of the genealogists, had managed to trace two of Hannah’s granddaughters and they were absolutely thrilled the headstone had been found having been missing for over 15 years!

There was a family connection to Park Farm, but they couldn’t understand why anyone would have wanted to take the headstone and to this day it remains a mystery.

Hannah’s family stressed how much they were hoping the headstone could somehow be returned to its proper place and hoped that it wouldn’t end up be destroyed. I wasn’t going to allow that to happen so the challenge was to have the headstone recovered, transported back to Ramsey Cemetery and have it remounted at the head of Hannah’s final resting place.

Ramsey Town Council gave permission for its return but only on condition it was fitted by a stonemason, so this was arranged, and the headstone recovered.

Hannah’s family thought it would be nice to share a little more about her life and so they’ve provided the photo, a small piece about her life and a story from the Hunts Post from 1947.

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As you can see in the final picture the headstone is now back where it should be along with some flowers from Rita and I laid in respect. It is at this time of year especially that we think of our loved ones and particularly those that we have loved and lost so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the good news story of about Hannah and how a headstone found in Park Farm, was returned home to its rightful place to Hannah at the special time of Christmas.

R.I.P. Hannah.

As for the Noah, the young boy that found the headstone? He received a special thank you from Hannah’s family for his find.

Rita and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year