Verge Damage – Park Farm Way – Verge Protection Order

Verge Damage – Park Farm Way

I’ve been approached by several residents from Park Farm regarding the terrible state of some of the verges on Park Farm Way caused by vehicles parking upon them.

Apart from looking very unsightly, mud is also being deposited onto the road and presenting a dangerous skid hazard.

It is the council that foot the bill to reinstate these verges and drainage covers when damaged, so it is us as taxpayers, that end up coughing up for the repairs.

Parking on the verge is not illegal but residents in Peterborough may now, if enough of them back the call for action, seek to protect them by signing a petition for a verge protection order.

If the criteria is reached, a protection order will be sought and if successful, signs erected prohibiting parking on the verge. The order is then enforced by way of a fixed penalty notice.

I am prepared to support a request for a VPO therefore if anyone wishes to pursue this and/or is willing to help with the required petition, please let me know by DM, email or text.

You can read more by clicking on the link below.…/parking-on-grass-verges-…/