Fireworks – I’d like to hear your views

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I’ve received comments from concerned residents regarding the effect present day fireworks can have on people with a nervous disposition, the elderly and veterans particularly with regards to the super loud booms now available.

It is also clear from reading recent social media posts and by way of the generic letters I’m receiving from residents that have been provided by the RSPCA, that the effect on animals can be very traumatic.

I don’t wish this thread to be for the sake of argument but for genuine feedback by residents as to your views about present day fireworks.

I love fireworks and wouldn’t support a blanket ban but would more control on how and when they can be let off be the way to go? What about the noise level, could legislation that just seeks to reduce the noise level of fireworks be a reasonable suggestion thereby allowing everyone to still enjoy the light show but without the super loud booms?

As I mentioned above, I’ve received some comments and would now like to hear a wider viewpoint so I’m seeking your personal views as residents and from them will consider whether I progress this further by way of introducing my own or supporting a similar council motion for more, but reasonable, additional controls.

Please post your views and suggestions or you can of course email or message me if you prefer.