Urgent Appeal for Information

Urgent Appeal for Information

This is an urgent appeal for information regarding an accident which occurred on Whittlesey Road on Wednesday 30th October between 11:20am and 11:45am which resulted in an elderly blind gentleman being knocked over by a cyclist that was riding on the footpath on the opposite side of the road to the former Fenman Public House.

Whilst not immediately apparent, the collision has resulted in this elderly gentleman suffering serious arm and wrist fractures and being hospitalised.

The male riding the bicycle did stop and apologise before riding off.

A passing Good Samaritan driving by in a car, stopped to help and selflessly helped the injured man up and took him to his home nearby.

There are two parts to this appeal.

Firstly, the family are appealing directly to the cyclist. You did to your credit stop to check on the injured gentleman, but they would ask you to come forward by contacting the police on 101 regarding the accident as soon as possible.

And secondly. The family are extremely thankful for the actions of the gentleman that stopped to help. If this was you then please contact me so as I can put you in touch with the family. They wish to thank you personally and ask too if you might be able to help at all with information about the accident.

If anyone else saw the accident and might be able to help with information, please contact the police on 101 or let me know?

Thank you