Community Leadership Fund – Applications Welcomed

As a local councillor a £1000 Community Leadership Fund (CLF) is granted to me each year for use on community projects in our ward or indeed in the Peterborough area where I am convinced Stanground South people will benefit.

If you are part of a community association, group, school or youth club etc and would like to apply for funding or maybe you’d just like to see something done in the ward that you believe would benefit the area, please get in touch.

As you’d expect, there are strict rules set by the council that have to be adhered to. In particular that any money granted under the scheme may only be used for capital expenditure and cannot be used for revenue expenditure. In a nutshell something must be bought with the money, such as books or equipment, it can’t be used for running costs or rent etc.

The application process itself is very simple, all you need to do is write to me c/o The Town Hall or via email to explaining what it is you would like some help funding whilst advising what you believe will be the benefit for people living in our ward Stanground South.

More information and previous examples of successful CLF grants that have been successful can be seen by visiting the website page below.…/