Fletton Lake Update

Fletton Lake Update

Doesn’t it make you sick? After the massive amount of work the community payback team has and continues to do to clear up this prized wildlife area, along comes some selfish b****** and dumps a lorry load of fly-tipping right beside the lake.

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Evidence was found in the rubbish by our enforcement officers so we can only hope this leads somewhere and they are severely punished. A very large fine and crushing of the vehicle involved would be my wish.

IKEA as the landowner and to their credit, have been working well with the team to dispose of the huge amount of litter that has so far been collected and you can only feel for them too. They’ve now arranged to use a private contractor to clear the area and install concrete barriers where the offender gained access to prevent this happening again.

It’s a big setback but a terrific amount of work has gone into getting the lake area cleaned up by all involved so we must and will dust ourselves off and redouble our efforts to finish the job and then maintain the area in the future.