Persimmon Meeting Feedback from Cllr Brian Rush

Hello everyone

As usual, we had our quarterly meeting with Persimmons to raise issues and get an update on the things that are going to happen within the next few months.

Bedstone is waiting for Lin Consulting to do the prep work for the adoption by the council.

Between Cardea and Bedstone, there will be a crossing. Persimmon are required to put in an uncontrolled crossing which will then be upgraded by the Council to a controlled crossing. This is expected to be done by the end of October 2019. Also by a similar date, the bus entry from Peterborough Road into Cardea, should be up and running. This will also be enforceable immediately so be warned.

The dual carriageway is to be lifted over the next six months or so to adoption standard as will the single carriageway to Whittlesey Road. Once this has been done, the process of adoption will take place of the first areas of Cardea.

The foot path for people coming from the Park Farm side of the site will be put in place upon occupation of the last home in area six, which looks like that will not be far away.

We have had a few people ask about the tarmac road joining to Orfeus Drive, this was always in the plan with a green belt between the homes in Orfeus and the next part of the development.

The junction of Jupiter Avenue is to be straightened and they are waiting for contractors to provide a price.

The yellow paths off the central walkway are to be checked and any dips or holes filled.

The costing of filling in the two ponds nearest to Peterborough Road should be in soon and then a planned timetable of works will be drawn up.

Fencing between the Gardens of Oakdale and the new area towards Park Farm will be marked out soon and fencing erected shortly after. In the area at the moment is a fence to ensure that contract vehicles do not drive over the gas main. However, the new homes will have a small fence in this area to delineate between areas that the new home owners can put patios etc and the land where the gas main is, where none of that work can go on.

Persimmon were informed of drains that are loose, dips within roads and pathways that need repaired and these will be addressed.

There is to be a shorter timetable between grass cutting now we are into better weather and also their work is to be improved as they were not reaching the required standards. There was pictorial evidence of the knee high fences being damaged by the grass cutting machines and this will be addressed and repairs made if they haven’t been already.

The bins have been raised as an issue, not being emptied frequently enough, this also goes for the dog poo bins to.

If you have any street lights out, please let Persimmons know with the number on the post or location and they will be repaired.

The Long Brown-tailed moth eggs and hairy caterpillars are back. Persimmons have a company that have started to spray those areas they know about, so please report any that you know of. Persimmons can also provide you with the contractor details, should you find them on your private land.

On a national question, there were reports of one area where Persimmon’s contractors had not put in the correct insulation to some homes on one site, this is not an issue in Cardea but if you have worries on any build issue, please let Persimmons know.

The Allotment area is still under a period of checking following the borrow hole but should in a couple of years be okay to allow the area to be used.

We as your local councillors are always working with Persimmons to ensure that any issues can be addressed.

Councillors Brian Rush, Chris Harper and Ray Bisby