BREXIT and Local Elections – May 2nd

I’m sure you’re all absolutely worn out and totally fed up at the debacle that is ‘Brexit’.

I won’t dwell on it too much here bar to say that it is now my opinion that it is time for us all to have a proper vote and seek a general election.

We as a country should now be given the opportunity to decide on whether we wish to keep or vote out those MP’s that have in my opinion, done everything possible to betray the will of the majority that voted in the referendum.

I think we are fortunate to have an honourable MP in Shailesh Vara. He stood on the manifesto that he would honour the result of the referendum and to date he has consistently kept his word.

What is coming up though and is also vitally important are the local ward elections for our area Stanground South. You decide who you want to represent you in our local ward and at council and my colleague Cllr Brian Rush will be seeking your vote on May 2nd.

We are under what feels like of late, constant attack from totally unsuitable planning applications particularly across the boundary in Fenland and Huntingdonshire and whilst we continue to have success in driving off applications such as the anaerobic digestion plant and poultry slaughterhouse, we need to be ever vigilant and ready to fight quickly and as one.

You’ll know just from my Facebook updates that we all live locally in Stanground and are passionate to ensure our ward remains one of the best places to live in Peterborough.

We’re out and about canvassing again now and will be joined by Shailesh Vara MP and Jason Ablewhite (The Police and Crime Commissioner) so hopefully some of you will be able to meet and put your questions to at least one of them too.

I hope like me, you will feel that together Brian, Ray and I are a good team and work relentlessly for the good of our ward and that you will give Brian your support by way of your vote on May 2nd.