New Household Recycling Centre (HRC) in Fengate opens

The new Household Recycling Centre (HRC) in Fengate opens to the public at 10am on Monday 18th February.

The current HRC at Dogsthorpe will close at 4pm Sunday 17th February.

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There is an all party ‘task and finish’ group set up as part of the Sustainable Growth & Environmental Capital Scrutiny Committee I chair looking at fly-tipping and I hope their report back will identify some policy changes that can be taken up by cabinet to allow easier access to such a facility for vans and trailers. The current permit system is I believe one of the biggest frustrations for those wanting to recycle and needs either a total overhaul or scrapping altogether.

More information about the centre below:

FCC Environment are the UK’s leading operator of Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) for local authorities and currently operate 100 sites across the country and bring valuable experience of designing, constructing and operating HRCs. The new site in Fengate has been designed by FCC to industry HRC best practice guidance and to meet the key priorities of the Council, including the Council’s ambitions to increase the amount of waste sent for recycling.

The HRC is a split level design so clearly separates the operational area from the public as can be seen in the image below, this removes the need for members of the public to carry waste up steps which is a great benefit to site users. The layout and positioning of the containers prioritises the waste hierarchy, particularly promoting reuse opportunities, improves ease of use in a safe manner, reduces queuing and will improve the customer experience thereby maximising the recycling/composting rates achieved. The facility is undercover which improves customer experience, keeps recycling and re-use dry and reduces the likelihood of closure due to adverse weather such as high winds which can cause the current site at Dogsthorpe to close.

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The new HRC in Fengate has been designed to address the current issues we experience on site at Dogsthorpe HRC, with details of each of these below:

Traffic Flow 
The traffic flow at Dogsthorpe HRC is hindered by the size and shape of the site, due to this the current design causes a bottle neck at the top of the site where all vehicles have to pass by the busy garden waste area, when 2-3 cars are depositing garden waste this stops the flow of traffic and causes a queue of traffic which very quickly can reach outside of the site. To manage this at the new site the flow of traffic through the site has been optimised through a constant through road on both inside and outside levels which allows a maximum capacity of 66 vehicles on site at any one time. In comparison the current site at Dogsthorpe would allow in the region of 25 vehicles on site at any one time but this would include 10 vehicles queuing whilst waiting to park and deposit waste.

The new HRC has car parking for up to 35 customer vehicles at any one time (inside and outside), compared to the current site which has space for a maximum of 12 parked vehicles. The majority of parking spaces have been designed for family cars, rather than commercial-type vehicles to allow more cars to park in the split level. 3 larger bays have been incorporated in the split level area, as well as parking in the DIY materials area for permitted vans and vehicles with trailers to allow adequate access for these customers, within a designated, monitored area preventing un-authorised access and minimising the disruption to the majority of customers and flow of traffic.

90º parking bays allow for more bays to be provided. The bays are also wider than standard (3m) to future-proof the site and allow for larger vehicles or access via side doors of vehicles. The parking bays have wheel-stops to alert the driver that they have reached the back of the parking bay, this will prevent collisions with a pedestrian while not causing a trip hazard.

FCC have designed the site to allow for some added features we do not currently have available which will provide a greater level of service for site users and will make visits to the site more efficient and accessible.
Mixed waste education and sorting zone.
Black-bag residual waste bins will be placed at the end of the site, close to the site office. To further reduce the deposit of mixed wastes, this area will incorporate an education zone where members of the public will be politely challenged on their use of the residual bin and provided with an opportunity for identifying and segregating additional recyclable materials which could be separated from their waste and captured for recycling or re-use.

Separate DIY waste zone. 
FCC have designed the site to accommodate a dedicated DIY waste zone for hard-core, soil and plasterboard, shown on the plan below in the left hand corner. These materials are grouped together to allow easy access by customers, simpler monitoring and better traffic management.

Additional recycling materials. 
The Fengate HRC will be able to take the a wider range of materials including mobile phones, ink cartridges, books, CDs and DVDs initially and will regularly be reviewed to include further materials as they become viable.

Seasonal container bays 
Due to the additional space and capacity within site this allows for the site to be managed more efficiently to allow for seasonal fluctuations, container bays can be used for more green waste in summer and around
Christmas, seasonal bays can be used for additional cardboard and bulky residual waste containers for increased packaging waste.

Meet and Greet Cabin
The meet and greet cabin will provide the public with a point of contact when arriving on site to direct them to the most suitable areas of the site for their needs.

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