Park Farm Way – Zebra Crossing Survey

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Many thanks to those of you that contributed. Results are as follows:

Do you believe a zebra crossing is required to provide a safer crossing point across Park Farm Way?

Yes – 82
No – 12

If funding was available, where would you suggest a zebra crossing is sited on Park Farm Way?

Between the junction of Park Farm Crescent and Kedleston Road – 6
Next to the Bus Stop – 55
Both – 25

If your answer included siting a crossing near the Bus Stop opposite the Play Park, where then should the Bus Stop be relocated?

Move it further up nearer to the roundabout – 70
Other – 18

Clearly from your responses the majority feel there is a need for a zebra crossing. I have contacted the highways team and they have agreed to survey the road regarding traffic use, average speed and where and when residents and their children cross.

They’ll then advise whether or not they will support the installation of a new zebra crossing. I’ll let you know what they say.