Stanground & Woodston Clean Energy Projects – proposal by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Stanground Proposed Site

STANGROUND AND WOODSTON CLEAN ENERGY PROJECTS proposal by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Please try to attend one of the information evenings as below, have your say and let me know what you think to the plan by email to

Below is the content of a letter from Chief Executive Gillian Beasley that is about to go out to residents living nearby to both these proposed areas.

During 2018, for the first time, the UK produced enough renewable electricity to supply electricity for three days in a row without burning coal. This is a positive result of Government energy policy, supporting the development of clean energy like solar parks and off-shore wind while helping the UK to become more energy self-sufficient.

Advances in technology have also helped. For instance battery storage now allows renewable energy to be stored and supplied when it is needed, not just when it is sunny or windy.

Government is promoting clean energy and has produced a Clean Growth Strategy encouraging Local Authorities and businesses to deliver improvements to our energy system. Regulation now also allows Local Authorities to generate and sell clean electricity.

Since 2014, Cambridgeshire County Council has been assessing the suitability of its assets for hosting clean energy projects. We are currently considering the potential to transform closed landfills, located in Stanground (PE7 3BD) and Woodston (PE7 8FZ), to generate and store energy.

At Stanground, a solar farm of 2.25 Megawatts electrical generating capacity (over an 8.1 hectare site), and a battery storage system housed in two shipping containers, is proposed. This will generate electricity equivalent to that used by around 650 homes. We recognise that a field of solar panels has a visual impact on residents and we will be working to minimise this during the design phase.

For the smaller Woodston site, a battery storage system in two shipping containers is planned.

The system will allow the Council to provide services to the National Grid in exchange for payments.

Though the two sites are located within Peterborough, both are owned by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Peterborough City Council will be the local authority determining the planning application and the County Council has involved Peterborough City Council officers in conversations throughout the project scoping process.

County Council staff, along with their engineering partners Bouygues Energies & Services, will be holding three information evenings to talk to local residents and businesses about the two projects. These sessions provide an opportunity for residents to understand the proposals and shape what is formally put forwards in a planning application.

The information evenings will take place at Stanground Academy (PE7 3BY) on:

• Monday 21 January: 7.30pm-8.45pm
• Wednesday 23 January: 7.30pm-8.45pm
• Monday 28 January: 7.30pm-8.45pm

For more details about the two projects, please see the Committee Report on Cambridgeshire County Council’s Commercial and Investment Committee webpage:

The projects were discussed under agenda item 4 from Friday 14 September 2018.

If you are unable to attend the sessions, please direct any questions to

Chief Executive Gillian Beasley

More inforamtion is availble here too…

Woodston Proposed Site