Cardea Build Latest

As promised, here’s the report on what was discussed and agreed at the meeting last week with Planning & Highways Officers and Persimmon Homes. Thanks Ray for writing this up.

Just to add, the matter of mud being left on the road at the Park Farm roundabout was also brought up and highways officers reminded Persimmon to advise drivers that the wheel wash must be used before leaving site. It was not sufficient to clean the road afterwards, prevention is the planning condition.

  • Drains rattling, in the roads as cars run over them is to be looked at and resolved asap. This is throughout the development.
  • Lights not working, again an evening check will be carried out to check which ones are not working and action then taken asap to resolve. If a light is not working, let Persimmon know with the number written on the light or the nearest address to the defective light.
  • The change in the junction priority on Jupiter is in the planning stage and work is to be undertaken once the services (lights, drains etc) are also looked at and this is planned to be finished within the first half of next year.
  • The central footpath and all footpaths will be checked for dangerous situations for repair. However, the central footpath will not be finished until the ponds are changed. There is planning ongoing to remove two of the ponds but this is not a simple case of just filling them in. Planning for drainage, sinking prevention etc are just a couple of issues to overcome. The central path will then be finished.
  • There is no pedestrian crossing planned for the school end of Apollo Avenue but we will continue to discuss this with the Council and Persimmon.
  • The opening of both ends of the development for Blue light and bus services is defendant on the last home in phase 6 being occupied and as most of them are bought off plan, the expectation is that this will happen towards the end of next summer.
  • There is a crossing to go in over the Peterborough Road and highways have now changed the crossing to a light controlled specification which Highways will be required to put in and not persimmon but will plan to do the work at the same time as the ANPR cameras go in.
  • The junction onto Peterborough Road is to be double yellow lined by Highways and will be enforced immediately. Those people that are parking there now, be warned you are already breaking the law and can be prosecuted, which will start to happen almost immediately as this is Highway and not Persimmon land and you have been warned before.
  • On the same theme, all double yellow lines within the development can and will be enforced, as some people have found out when ticketed recently. Everyone has been warned.
  • The opening on the Park Farm roundabout side will have a footpath continued from the light controlled crossing down to the entrance completed in conjunction with the planned opening.
  • The contractors are to be told to have more consideration in relation to parking and walking over grassed areas, footpaths and not to use residents gardens as parking areas or short-cuts. Planting of areas with trees and other plants will not be undertaken until spring and some had not been done due to the dry summer we had and potential for plants to not survive.
  • The main road from Cardea roundabout to Whittlesey road is in the last stage before final adoption by the Council.
  • The area for allotments is under a review plan but will remain in Persimmon’s hands until any potential issues from the borrow hole for five years has passed.
  • Taxi drivers dropping customers off or collecting customers on the roundabout near to Amazon will be resolved by licensing officers who will be at the roundabout on occasions up to and after Christmas. Taxi drivers caught will have their taxi licences removed and potentially the same for the company. Amazon will also be spoken to about their responsibilities as well in order to reduce the issues caused at staff changeover times.
  • Vehicles parked on any of the Clearway areas may be removed and reported for traffic offences, especially as the work is to start to upgrade the roads from January.
  • There has been some waste from the building of the East side blowing around and has been found as far away as the Peterborough Road area and Persimmon have been asked to clear it and also to litter pick before cutting grassed areas, especially along the dual carriageway where it often looks like confetti by the lorry load has been dropped after cutting.
  • The dual carriageway from Cardea right to the roundabout at Ikea is about to have work done on it by Skanska and working with the Council, will not be required to undergo the two year maintenance agreement but will be adopted once brought up to standard. This is to help speed things up in order that remedial work on the Western side of the development can be started and again, in order to speed things up, will be adopted once up to standard.

There has been a change in most of the senior staff in Persimmon and we hope that the working relationship will improve with them.

If you do have a problem with your persimmon home, please contact their customer services in the first place and we councillors will do all we can to resolve issues that customer services cannot resolve.