Latest – Poultry Farm & Slaughterhouse Planning Application

Latest – Poultry Farm & Slaughterhouse Planning Application

HDC have finally set a deadline date of 21st December for the applicant to submit the sequential test.

The sequential test is in my opinion our strongest hope of getting this totally unsuitable application finally kicked into the long grass. It’s a very strong reason to refuse the development and I’ll be surprised if the applicant can provide the evidence required.

The time allowed to submit the sequential test has though been unacceptably long so it is good to see the pressure to set an end date has finally paid off.

If the applicant can’t submit the justification then the application has to be refused. Should however the test be submitted in time, officers will then need to decide whether or not to recommend the application on the evidence submitted.

If that happens the decision will pass to their planning committee.

More as I get it.