Defibrillator – Community Fundraising Initiative – Park Farm

Defibrillator – Community Fundraising Initiative – Park Farm

Recently it was brought to my attention that we lack a defibrillator in the Park Farm area of our ward and how having such a facility locally might save lives.

I think this a great idea so I’ve decided to do whatever I can to make it happen.

The initial cost of the defibrillator and wall cabinet is in the region of £1500.00, plus there are install charges to consider for the required electricity supply. The actual running costs are very low.

Where to position the unit so as it will be easily found when advised by the ambulance service was also something that needed to considered carefully.

Speaking to local residents it’s clear that the school (Heritage Park Primary) is well known and most residents would know where it was if advised by the ambulance service to go to the school to collect the unit.

I’ve put the idea to the council as the building owner, the headteacher and my governor colleagues and we are all in agreement that this would be a great community initiative.

Heritage Park Primary are kindly taking on the role as fundraiser so please look out for future announcements and fundraising initiatives which I hope you’ll join in with in order to secure this vital piece of lifesaving equipment.

The aim is to mount the cabinet on the perimeter of the school so as to be available 24hrs.