Archive for Month: November 2018

  • Love Our Ward

    Got to love the beauty mother nature provides for our ward. Out walking the boys this morning on the green wheel and it was lovely to take in the wonderful colours and views whilst waving and saying hello to the couple on the canal boat chugging down the river, fellow dog walkers and the joggers…

  • Women Leaders Awards

    Delighted to be invited to the Women Leaders Awards on the 2nd November with my wife, Rita. Such inspiration is a pleasure to witness. Well done to all the nominees and winners. You’re all winners in my book.

  • Burglary Alert!

    Burglary Alert! Sadly I have received a report of a shed burglary in Belsay Drive which happened between Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. The burglar/s also attempted to gain access to the house leaving scratch marks on the back door but thankfully, they failed to get in. A boys Black Carrera bike and Blue Scooter were…

  • Anyone lost a boat?

    Anyone lost a boat? I’ve seen it all now. It’s like a scene from ‘Live and Let Die’. Many thanks to the resident that alerted me to this dumped on the Green Wheel. Reported for removal.

  • Christmas Lights Switch On

    Friday 16th November at 7:30pm

  • Yellow Box Junction Approved

    Yellow Box Junction Approved. Residents will recall that I promised to lobby the PCC highways department to designate the junction of Coneygree Road and Whittlesey Road next to the former Fenman Public House, a yellow box junction. After consultation with the police I am pleased to be able to update that the highways team have…

  • Brian Rush & Bryan Tyler are selected to fight 2019 local elections

    Excellent news to hear that my councillor colleague Cllr Brian Rush has tonight been selected as the prospective Conservative candidate for our ward and that Bryan Tyler has been selected as the prospective candidate for Fletton & Stanground for next years local elections in May. Super hard working gentlemen that will certainly get my full…

  • Is your car keyless?

    If you have a keyless car then its worth investing in a fob blocker. Two cars have been stolen in Stanground without needing the key fob.

  • Warning. Please only use recommended tradespeople.

    Warning. Please only use recommended tradespeople. Peterborough City Council are now targeting roadside advertising techniques that contravene planning policy and the new verge parking bylaw but I would strongly advise that you ask yourself if these traders are indeed trustworthy, qualified and fully insured before you part with any money? Please follow trading standards advice…