Horsey Toll – Possible Employment Land Planning Application

Horsey Toll – Possible Employment Land Planning Application

In order to ensure transparency I’d like to make residents aware that I along with my colleagues Cllr Rush & Bisby, have been approached by Barnack Estates requesting a meeting with them regarding a possible future planning application for the allocated employment land at Horsey Toll. This meeting is yet to be arranged however and I have already sent the drawing on to our own planning department for their comments.

It’s early days but I am reassured that finally a developer has come to us first to discuss the proposal rather than just submit it without any consultation with us as ward councillors and local residents.

I have concerns, not least the need to ensure the promised Pondersbridge junction improvements are completed prior to the development being occupied, the effect concreting over of this parcel of land will cause drainage wise, pollution levels from additional vehicles entering and leaving the new development and not least, the indicated height of some of the buildings, the biscuit coloured ones on the drawing shown as being some 12 metres in height.

Having said that, the land is as I’ve already said, allocated employment land and jobs are very important but this needs to be right if I am to support it.

There will be lots of questions that at this stage we can’t answer until the detail is known but I’d appreciate your comments at this early stage.