Warning. Please only use recommended tradespeople.

Warning. Please only use recommended tradespeople.

Peterborough City Council are now targeting roadside advertising techniques that contravene planning policy and the new verge parking bylaw but I would strongly advise that you ask yourself if these traders are indeed trustworthy, qualified and fully insured before you part with any money?

Please follow trading standards advice and check out any trader you are considering using to perform work in your home.

Do they have references from people you know? Actual personal recommendation is best or you can go to one of the recognised groups that perform the checks for you to ensure the trader is properly qualified, recommended and insured too.

A local example is Safe Local Trades but there are others regularly advertised on the radio and T.V.

Please don’t risk it. If the price is too good to be true then it probably is. Do the checks before you commission anyone to work in your home.

Please share with your friends and neighbours.