Burglary Alert!

Burglary Alert!

Sadly I have received a report of a shed burglary in Belsay Drive which happened between Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

The burglar/s also attempted to gain access to the house leaving scratch marks on the back door but thankfully, they failed to get in.

A boys Black Carrera bike and Blue Scooter were stolen from the shed.

Please check out your own security precautions. Can a potential burglar spend a long time in the rear garden of your property without being noticed or alerting a camera, floodlight or a neighbour giving them time to force entry? Take a look at your home and if the answer is ‘yes’, then please consider what you could do to put off any potential thief or at least improve the chances of them being seen.

Don’t allow them the time to get away with it.

If you can help with any information about who might be responsible or the whereabouts of the stolen items, then please call the police on 101.