New Double Yellow Lines – Park Farm Crescent

New Double Yellow Lines – Park Farm Crescent
Update – 2nd October
 Highways have agreed to my request to reduce the length of the double yellows on the left hand side as you enter into Park Farm Crescent. This should allow 3 more cars to park up. I’ve also written to both the housing authority responsible for the flats (Hyde) and Blackberry Nursery in a hope they might help and allow parking but they have so far failed to even acknowledge my request. Hopefully they’ll realise they are part of the community and will at least consider the idea of allowing parking in their car parks during the peak drop off and pick up times. Its worth a try.
Regarding a crossing. There is a lot to consider here because Park Farm Way is a sweeping bend and there are minimum visibility distances required so we’ll need to find out where it could go and actually be used. Too far one way and the temptation to cross elsewhere will continue whilst requesting one at each end might be what we should try for? We also need to consider the bus stop if the crossing location preferred is at that end. Where would the bus stop go? A local petition from residents and parents/carers visiting the school would be a good idea to kick this off. Would some parent/s that attend the school be prepared to gather signatures at the school gates? Where would you put a crossing if we can get the funding for one?……..or two!
Original Post
I’d like to invite your opinions and concerns regarding the installation of the new double yellow lines on Park Farm Crescent. I know this is an emotive subject but please try to be constructive with your comments and opinions. I want to help us achieve the best option but you’ll appreciate our number one consideration must be to ensure the safety of children, parents and carers coming to and from the school and nursery.
Some of you have already been in touch with your concerns too over the restricted parking and the resulting parking increases elsewhere and perceived increased danger to children crossing between parked cars.
Please contact me if you feel you would rather comment in private.
In my opinion the inclusion of the double yellows on the actual bends to prevent parking that dangerously restricts visibility at the junctions is correct however, I think the lines as you enter Park Farm Crescent extend in too far and should be reduced to a similar length to those at the exit.
As I’ve said earlier, parking is a difficult and emotive subject and a difficult issue to crack to everyone’s satisfaction affecting schools all over the city therefore I’ve asked the highways officers to meet with me on site to discuss what solutions might be possible. My initial comments and questions to them being as below.
1) The result of the new yellow lines is parents and carers parking along the length of Park Farm Way and only this afternoon I have been made aware of a very near miss involving a child crossing between these parked cars.
2) I appreciate and support the no parking area on the corners of both ends of the road but this whole scheme needs looking at again to consider
a) if it’s right?
b) if the lines are set too far into Park Farm Crescent?
b) if additional lines are required on Park Farm Way? (although where then do parents park?)
c) should a pedestrian crossing be considered again?
What do you think?