Dog Walkers – Warning – Green Wheel

Dog Walkers – Warning – Green Wheel

I’ve received a number of reports over the weekend of a dog on dog attack along the Green Wheel between Park Farm and the Lock keepers House, and of people being very frightened by what is reported as a large menacing black doberman off its lead on more than one occasion. When challenged, the owner takes no notice and just walks away.

The enforcement team, police and dog warden are aware but there is clearly a real fear that another dog or indeed an adult or child might be next.

Please be aware and take care if you use this area to walk your dog.

It is important we speak to the irresponsible owner of this dog quickly and seek to serve a community protection order on him/her so if you know who the owner is or can provide any other information, contact me by PM, email or phone asap.

Update 8:30pm – I have had a better description of the Doberman. It has cropped ears and a docked tail. What I don’t yet have is the owners address. Its important we find the owner asap so if you know who might own this dog then get in touch in confidence.