It’s a ‘NO’ to the Poultry Farm & Slaughterhouse

Great news. It’s a ‘NO’ to the Poultry Farm & Slaughterhouse outline planning application to the South of Cardea.

Huntingdonshire District Council has decided to refuse the outline application for two substantial reasons.

Our huge thanks go to everyone that helped oppose this by way of collecting signatures on written and on-line petitions and for sending in your own personal objections to what would have been a totally unsuitable process to be sited so close to our homes and schools.

We need though to remember that the applicant does have the right to appeal the decision within the next 6 months. Be assured that we stand ready to fight again should this happen.

Reason 1. The application site lies within a ‘high probability’ Flood Zone (Flood Zone 3 of the Environment Agency Flood Zone Map and Flood Zone 3 of the Council’s Updated 2017 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment) and therefore the applicant is required to undertake a Sequential Test to determine if there are reasonably available alternative sites at a lower probability of flooding within the geographical area proposed to be served by the development. The applicant has not submitted evidence of a Sequential Test and has therefore failed to demonstrate there are no other reasonably available sites at a lower probability of flooding for this development.

Reason 2. Residential development in the countryside is strictly limited to that which has an essential need to be located there for reasons of protecting the intrinsic character and appearance of the countryside, and promoting sustainable patterns of development. The proposed dwellinghouse would be of a permanent construction and does not meet the policy test of supporting an existing well-established and viable agricultural enterprise. As such it would not meet an essential need and would conflict with the objectives of the National Planning Policy Framework.