Latest – A605 Whittlesey Road/Pondersbridge Junction Improvements

Latest – A605 Whittlesey Road/Pondersbridge Junction Improvements.

Pledge 4 of our election campaign was to ensure the road improvements at the Whittlesey Road/Pondersbridge junction were realised and you’ll recall that in our 2016 newsletter we advised how we’d successfully managed to have the junction upgrade included in the council’s 5 year Local Transport Plan.

Well, we’ve now received some very positive news regarding the future prioritised schemes from 2018/19 until 2020/21 that the Combined Authority is due to consider this month. (October).

My fellow Stanground South Ward colleague Cllr Brian Rush asked the Cabinet Member responsible for an update at last night’s full council meeting. The response from Cllr Peter Hiller was that the council were fully aware of the traffic issues at the junction (we have lobbied hard on this), particularly when North Bank is closed and bids for funding the junction improvement scheme have been submitted.

A605 Whittlesey Access Phase 2 – Stanground Access. An application for £3.6m is being sought from the combined authority with £0.4m coming from PCC.

The plan is to provide a right turn lane at the junction between the A605 and B1095, where right-turning traffic currently blocks straight ahead traffic travelling between Peterborough and Whittlesey. The design of the new junction is due to take place next year in 2018 and the junction improvements due to take place in 2019/20.