Shocking – Knives Discovered in Skatepark Shelter


Knives August 2017 1This is absolutely shocking. These two lethal knives were found hidden in the roof section of the shelter at Stanground Skatepark just metres away from children’s play areas.

Needless to say the police are aware and will shortly be in possession of them thanks to the responsible actions of a concerned parent. What the hell goes through the minds of those responsible for having such deadly weapons and no I refuse to accept any claim of “they’re for self-defence”?

These would kill!

Although this isn’t in my ward, children from all over Stanground and beyond use these facilities and go to school nearby so I have contacted the sector Chief Inspector and the Cabinet Member about this horrific find urging a serious investigation take place.

In the meantime, it is very clear that this shelter is an ASB hotspot with reports of drug dealing and threatening behaviour leading some parents to ban their children from going to the area. Please let me know your suggestions as to what you think should be done with the shelter (By PM if you prefer), and let me know if you have any information that may help us track down who is responsible or more to the point, criminally irresponsible.

I’d like to make it clear that I would not support closing the skatepark or indeed the shelter just because of the illegal activity of just a mindless few and thus remove this fantastic local facility for those that respect and enjoy it, a facility that I and my fellow councillors supported at the outset. I am though calling for a zero tolerance approach by the police and PES team to ASB and the open smoking of cannabis ┬áin any public area throughout Fletton, Stanground, Park Farm & Cardea.

Knives August 2017 2