May 4th – A Great Day to be Conservative

Selection 1

Yesterday was truly a great day for me as NWCCA Deputy Chair Political. All of our County Council candidates and their teams worked really hard and were successfully elected and I’m delighted we also selected Shailesh Vara as our Conservative candidate for the North West Cambridgeshire Seat at the General Election on June 8th.

Shailesh has been very supportive in our ward, joining our fight against unsuitable planning applications such as the Magna Park Railway Terminal, the Anaerobic Waste Plant and the Poultry Farm and he’s been of immense help with the many private cases we deal with in the ward. Not forgetting he also made the effort to attend, open and enjoy a great day at the Cardea Pavilion open day during the summer last year.

I hope you will join me and give him your support on June 8th.