Great News. Cardea to Park Farm Footpath planning conditions agreed

cardea 3My fellow councillors Ray Bisby & Brian Rush had met with planning officers to discuss and decide on our recommendations regarding future phases of the Cardea building programme by Persimmon. We have been pushing to have our conditions accepted as part of the next phase to ensure a footpath/cycleway link is completed to link up the pelican crossing on Whittlesey Road to enable safe access for residents from Park Farm into Cardea and acceptance that an unofficial cut through from Barham Close would not be included in the plans and that it wold be shut off in perpetuity.

The great news is that these conditions along with others have been accepted.

Full submission below along with map.

Re – Planning Application 16/02419/OUT Land to the South Of Oakdale Avenue, Stanground Peterborough.

Stanground South Councillors Brian Rush, Ray Bisby and myself would like to propose a number of reasonable conditions are included as part of the application should committee be minded to approve the above application.

1. Background. Access into the Cardea development from other areas of Stanground South to the North of the development is severely restricted. Residents from Park Farm and other adjacent areas of Stanground therefore are forced to walk a long way to the Oakdale Primary School area in order to find a safe route into Cardea which thereby understandably means many prefer to use a vehicle or bus to drive around the bypass in order to safely access the shopping precinct, sports pavilion and primary school. This is clearly not sustainable.

Peterborough City Council promotes the use of sustainable transport methods and local residents would like to support this aspiration but in order to do so a safe route constructed to allow access on foot, by cycle or bus using the bus lane must be provided.

The plans show the proposed routes for the bus lane and footpath/cycleway network. However, the need for the safe route is already overdue and we request this is constructed without any further delay by way of condition as part of this application. As per the attached map we ask that a condition requires the footpath/cycle-way and bus lane is to be completed before any property construction begins on Phases 6 and or 8 of the application indeed if possible we would strongly request that no more development is permitted without first constructing this vital safe and sustainable route for buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

The footpath/cycle-way must link the existing pelican crossing on Whittlesey Road to the Cardea Shopping Precinct in its entirety complete with the necessary safety barriers as specified by Highways. This route is shown with a blue and green line on the attached map.

2. Barham Close is shown with a link through from Cardea to other areas of Stanground South however we are strongly against the use of this route due to the substantial concerns and objections we have received from residents who quite understandably, wish it to remain a quiet cal-de-sac free from ASB and litter. For this reason we strongly suggest that this access route is removed from the plans and is blocked off for perpetuity. Please see circled area on the attached map.

3. The boundary between the North of the development and the rear gardens of properties in Oakdale Avenue and Barham Close needs to be agreed by negotiation with the residents in order to prevent what could turn out to be something akin to a 1M wide strip of ‘no man’s land’. A potential flytipping nightmare and an area of future ownership disputes in the long term.

4. In addition the map shows a green shaded area near to the social housing adjacent to the allotment site backing onto the properties on Oakdale Avenue. Please can you confirm who will be responsible for this area and once identified ensure it is included as a condition.