Dog Fouling Motion – Agreed by Full Council

Clean It Up 1Great news. The motion received the full backing of full council last night (8th March).

Please don’t expect massive changes to happen overnight but this does now commit the council to look at this in detail and come up with a plan as to how to tackle the problem using all means necessary from education in the first instance to where necessary, the issuing of on the spot fines for not having a means of disposal when walking a dog in a public place.


Here’s the motion I moved at Full Council.

“That Council acknowledges the significant public concern around dog fouling in various areas of Peterborough which, apart from being an anti-social nuisance, is associated with various health risks (particularly in children) and blights our green open space that the city is so proud of.

“That Council resolves to:

1) Ensure that the city council demonstrates its commitment to providing safer and cleaner communities by promoting responsible dog ownership to reduce the nuisance and health problems associated with dog fouling through an ongoing education and awareness raising programme.

2) Ensure that, where education is not effective, the city council’s Prevention and Enforcement Officers fine and if necessary prosecute owners that fail to clear up after their dog under current
legal powers by way of Fixed Penalty Notices under relevant legislation.

3) Investigate the use of Public Space Protection Orders to deal with anti-social behaviour associated with irresponsible dog ownership where there is proven dog fouling issue on green open space land or other dog fouling problem areas. The PSPO could provide enforcement officers with the ability to fine a dog owner not in possession of a bag to clear up after their dog, similar to PSPOs being introduced in some other council areas”