Dog Poo – Time for tougher penalties? What do you think?

Disgusting and selfish behaviour by some
Disgusting and selfish behaviour by some owners

While out litter picking yesterday I noticed the amount of dog poo being left on common grassland areas around the ward has escalated and it is clear something more needs to be done. In just 2 hrs I counted over 100 poos, some even in the children’s play park and near the school again!

Despite appeals and attempts to educate owners of the unpleasant effects and serious health risks dog poo poses to children, the message is clearly being ignored by some.

Click the link below to read more about the health risks…/Toxocariasis/…/Introduction.aspx

I am now currently working with officers to see if I can suggest a motion to put before council to not only increase the penalty fines for not picking up, but also empower our enforcement teams with the right to randomly check dog walkers are carrying suitable disposal bags and if not, issue an on the spot fine.

I’m interested to hear your views. We can’t carry on as we are and need to try something. What do you think?