Illegal Encampments and Amazon Roundabout Update

Stanground Community Centre Playing Fields Flytipping 2016
Stanground Community Centre Playing Fields Flytipping 2016

Two very positive meetings today.

Firstly, this morning I met in my capacity as a co-opted member of the ESP Task & Finish Group with other ward councillors, the police and PCC officers. Their remit, to find a solution the city should adopt to tackle illegal encampments. I’m bound by a confidentiality agreement at this time so can’t yet share the details, save to say that I am extremely thankful members allowed me to share the experiences of Stanground and your thoughts and suggestions. The task and finish group did reach agreement on a recommendation which will be put to scrutiny and cabinet. I have a follow up meeting on this topic with local businesses, the police and our MP’s again soon and will report back on where we are with this soon after.

Then after a quick lunch with the better half it was off to an afternoon meeting in the company of my ward colleagues Ray Bisby & Brian Rush that Ray had arranged with Persimmon, Amazon, PCC senior highways, enforcement and planning officers. The aim, to thrash out a way forward on the lorry parking issues at the Amazon roundabout, in the service bays on the bypass and by the bus stop in Cardea, the street lights out at both ends of the bypass and concerns over the traffic light timings at the Pegasus crossing.

Different solutions are being looked into along with the costs and we’ll have some more definite news once these costs and plans are received and we are in a realistic position to decide on what can be done.

Regarding the lorries parking at Cardea the plan is to continue with enforcement and also install bespoke signs to make it clearer to lorry drivers that the road is a ‘clearway’ and as such stopping is prohibited.

The Pegasus crossing has to stop the traffic on both sides of the carriageway to allow a horse to cross in one movement, it would not therefore be safe to have a central stopping point as can be provided for pelican or toucan type crossings. The time the lights are on red though is being looked at to ensure it is correct.

The street lights out at both ends of the bypass has been taken up by the highways officer to ensure that whether they now be PCC or Persimmons responsibility, they are repaired as a priority.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as will Ray & Brian with their communication outlets.