Anaerobic Waste Plant – Update

Tongue End Anaerobic

As this is in the news and I guess many of you will be concerned at the outcome, I thought it would be timely to update you all on the position regarding the planning application for an Anaerobic Waste Plant at Horsey Toll Farm.

Please bear in mind that this decision was taken on its own merits by a completely different authority planning committee and does not suggest in any way that should the Horsey Toll application come to the planning committee in Peterborough, that they will decide in the same way.

Together, thanks to your efforts, we have amassed a huge amount of support opposing the application by way of the personal letters of objection, the huge door to door and on line petitions and the support of our MP Shailesh Vara.

I am not opposing this just because I’m one of your ward councillors but because I live here too and share your concerns, so as a resident and neighbour, I stand ready to fight against this on every count should I be called upon to do so.