Superb Results at Heritage Park Primary School

At a time when Peterborough’s schools have been getting a lot of bad press, I think it’s time to redress the balance somewhat and, whilst I wholeheartedly agree we need to look seriously at schools where pupils have under-performed, we should also not forget to celebrate where we are successful.

I know as a governor at Heritage Park just how hard the teachers, helpers, parents and of course the children have all been working with the new curriculum to make sense of it and work to maximise learning in order to ensure successful outcomes.

I and my governor colleagues are extremely proud of our school, not only because of the superb results again this year, but also the whole ethic the school enthuses into our pupils by way of discipline and respect, an environment which encourages the best quality learning to take place and one that is proven to work.

Take a bow Heritage Park Primary. You have done our ward and indeed Peterborough proud……again.