Travellers back on Stanground Community Centre Car Park

I am aware that travellers have once again settled in the Stanground Community Centre car park again this afternoon. The police and council are aware. Please, please if anything happens, call 101 or if necessary 999 and report each and every incident.

Also just to update you all, as you know I pushed for some real action to address the problem of illegal encampments and a meeting has now been arranged with several parties, the council, police and our two Peterborough MP’s and I have been invited. The aim is to work out a way forward. We must find a solution, I’ve made it clear that I’m not interested in excuses although I fear I’ll be hearing many.

Update 14th November

Great news. The police having seized the six vehicles yesterday and on threatening to serve a Section 61 Order, based on the mounting evidence of ASB, have effectively drove them off. The mess is being cleared up and repairs undertaken. We’ll look into how we can better prevent occupation going forward.

Update 13th November

Six vehicles have been found with false index plates and have been seized by the police. This is the type of positive enforcement I and I know you want to see more often. The law must be enforced, no one is above it.

More of this please
More of this please – Picture courtesy of Cambridgeshire Police