Stanground South – Ward Walkabout Report

Cllr's Ray Bisby & Brian Rush join me Amey & PCC for our Ward Walkabout
Cllr’s Ray Bisby & Brian Rush join me Amey & PCC representatives for our Ward Walkabout

I was joined by Cllr’s Bisby & Rush and representatives of Amey & PCC on our ward walkabout last week. It was good to see all the new waste and dog poo bins we put in are being well used.

Special thanks to those of you who responded to my question as to where we should visit. Cardea is not adopted by the council at this time so responsibility here remains with the developer. Ongoing meetings are happening to discuss issues in this part of the ward. Here’s a breakdown of all the issues we brought to the attention of Amey & the Council and their responses.

  • Overgrown bushes along the Park Farm Footpath alongside the play park, at the rear of the school, at the entrances to Eynesford Close, Framlingham Road, Kedleston Road, Fen View and Sandpiper Drive.
  • Fly-tipped garden waste and rubble
    Fly-tipped garden waste and rubble

    Flytipped garden waste and rubble behind the school next to the footpath leading to and Park Farm Way

  • Damaged fencing in the children’s play park
  • Missing zip slide seat
  • Street Lights 31 & 34 on Park Farm Way Footpath obstructed by trees and no 31 & 34 also out at night
  • Street Lights 7, 8 & 9 on Park Farm Way Footpath obstructed by trees
  • Overgrown brambles on the footpath between Ramsey Way and Kings Dyke Close
  • Vandalised tree bottom of Fen View on Green Wheel

    Damaged Wall
    Damaged Wall
  • Signs on entry to Park Farm obscured by overgrown bushes
  • Bin missing form bus stop near the Fenman Public House
  • Larger bin capacity requirement at bus stop outside Tesco on Whittlesey Road

    Vandalised Tree
    Vandalised Tree
  • Gas sign down on Green Wheel
  • Fallen tree over river on Green Wheel
  • Damaged Wall bottom of Sandpiper Drive

And their response

  • The badly overgrown areas will be addressed straight away and the full 2 yearly prune of the ward is due late this year/early next year and should address many of the other issues
  • The flytipped garden waste & rubble has again been reported to enforcement to investigate. Once they are finished the garden waste and rubble will be cleared
  • The damaged fencing in the play park will be addressed
  • The zip slide seat was reported by a concerned parent as being worn and has been removed. A replacement will be fitted
  • The trees surrounding the street lights were cut back the next day and the light out reported for repair
  • Willow Tree
    Fallen Tree Over River

    The overgrown brambles will be attended to

    Overgrown Brambles
    Overgrown Brambles
  • The vandalised tree will be replaced
  • The shrubs on the entry to Park Farm will be addressed as part of the 2 year prune
  • Amey are investigating where the bin has gone and will be replacing it
  • A larger capacity bin will be considered in the budget and sited when available
  • The gas sign will be reported to National Grid (again). This has been done before
  • The fallen tree will be cut back

Thanks once again for your valuable input.