Come on…..pick up after your dog for the children’s sake.

School Gate Poo 10.10.16

I was very disappointed to be contacted today by a concerned parent regarding the irresponsible dog owner/s that regularly allow their pet to poo all over the grass areas near the school entrances and around the play park footpaths.

Really? Apart from the obvious upset a child experiences when they tread in poo and take it either home or into the school there are serious health risks posed to youngsters from dog and cat poo which can  cause them to become seriously ill and even lead to blindness!

See link below to

Clean It Up 1Toxocariasis 

I can’t believe I’m having to ask once again for the owner/s to take responsibility for their pet and appeal to residents to come forward with any information regarding those responsible so as I can have the enforcement officers visit and issue a fine for this disgusting ASB.

I’ve been over this afternoon and sprayed 10 footpath signs and picked up the poo from around the school entrance but really this has got to stop for the children’s sake if nothing else.