Travellers – Stanground illegal encampment latest from communities team

Dumped Caravan 2Please find below the latest update regarding travellers on Southfield Playing Fields.

20th August – I have written to our MP, the council leader, the police and crime commissioner and to his deputy and the chief inspector responsible this morning asking for a review to take place not just of this case but of all policies and laws pertaining to travellers visiting Peterborough.
19th August – There are sections of the law (Section 61) that can be enforced if the police are aware of high levels of ASB and/or there are more than 6 vehicles. Both of these conditions are clearly present but they have failed to use those powers and as a result it is us residents that have to bear the brunt of this inaction. Peterborough and its police service must get the message out that travellers are welcome to our city but only in designated areas and only if they behave, if not they are not.
18th August – Things are clearly getting out of hand. Reports have been coming in that a van was going around allegedly stealing spare wheels and last night a car was set ablaze in the middle of the field. Police are investigating.As you know the next step was for the council to apply for a court date and summons, which I have just been informed, will now be on Monday.

I appreciate everyone’s frustration over this, I share the majority of your views but the law is the law and we have no choice presently but to ensure it is applied correctly. We do however need to revisit this and I will be calling on the council and our MP to do so because this kind of attitude and behaviour just can’t be allowed to continue.

17th August – Further to my update yesterday, and not surprisingly, the travellers have failed to comply with the legal notice issued yesterday by Peterborough City Council.
The next step is for the council to apply for a court date and summons, which they have requested today through legal services. The council continue to work closely with police colleagues reviewing calls received from residents in the area.
The court date is likely to be Friday.

16th August –  A Section 77 legal notice has been issued today by the city council directing the travellers to leave the land by 14.00 tomorrow. If theyfail to comply the council will apply for a court date and summons to enforce their move.

The council are working with our police colleagues in the Prevention and Enforcement Service to monitor the situation closely. Residents have been advised that should they become aware of any damage, threats, intimidation or other anti-social behaviour which requires an immediate response to report the issues directly to the police.

Once the travellers have moved a review of the current defences in place will take place.

15th August – An initial assessment has been undertaken yesterday of the site and residents in the area have been spoken to.

Officers will today meet with police colleagues to review calls for service and issue legal notice to move the travellers on from this location as quickly as possible.

Further updates will follow as and when I get them.